3AH Assault on Warwick Castle

On Friday 17th May, 3AH invaded Warwick Castle to see what it was like inside the castle itself! A prompt start meant we were at the castle nice and early for our ‘Battle Skills’ workshop. We learned how to make formations when marching and some sword skills, too!

Afterwards, we visited the riverbank, where we listened to an expert sharing information about the trebuchet! We found out that sometimes Kings instructed poo to be used in the trebuchet, then fired into the castle they were about to attack – yuck! It could be dismantled and transported to the battle field and when fully loaded, it could fire up to 600m!

Straight after that, we marched to the front of the castle to observe a longbow man, who told us about how skilled these men were back in medieval times and that they were paid a lot of money, too! He showed us how a bow & arrow are made, how expensive they were to buy and how skilled the soldiers were.

Around 12:30, we went straight back to the river bank for the ‘Falconer’s Quest’ birds of prey show – it was amazing! Deadly birds of prey were swooping right above our heads and catching food mid-air!

After lunch, we scaled the battlements, Guy’s Tower and Caesar’s Tower followed by whizzing through the Kingmaker attraction. We were all very brave climbing to the top of the towers, which were up to 45m tall! The towers had two small, winding staircases, one that led us up to the top and the other back down again. The view from the top was spectacular! We saw how beneficial it was for soldiers who were defending the tower to keep a lookout for the enemy!

It’s hard work invading a castle, but we had a great time…

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