A musical evening at Coventry Music’s Summer Showcase

Children from across Key Stage 2 performed confidently and brilliantly as part of the School Choir in Coventry Music’s Summer showcase.  We sang from the choir stalls in the huge Butterworth Hall at the Warwick Arts Centre.  The children were so enthusiastic with all of the songs and their voices rang out through the hall.  We also had the amazing opportunity to listen to lots of other bands, groups and singers from across other parts of the city.

“Last night, we went to Warwick Arts Centre.  It was fun! We got to sit above the stage, we could see everyone and we sang our hearts out.”

When we went to the summer Showcase, there was an amazing band and it has inspired me to write my own songs and become a band.”

“We got really high seats and we got to watch the amazing singers.  We also saw people playing instruments.”

“The Summer showcase was incredible and we even got to sing in the balcony with a professional band.  There were 42 schools included.  Some people were even singing on their own.”  

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