Brrrrilliant Biathlon!

On Monday 29th, a group of Year 6 children took part in the second School Games event of the year – the Biathlon!

We left school at 3:00pm to get to the Xcel Leisure Centre and complete a 400m run followed by a 25m swim. All six were extremely keen to get going and charged through the centre out to the field to get warmed up: boy did they need to! With temperatures dropping, the children did their best to keep warm for the short wait before their turn. Two laps of the track that was marked out was all that was needed and the children set off with a high pace and lots of enthusiasm! All the children set fantastic times and used what energy they had left to dart into the warmth to rest before the swim!

After 10/15 minutes, we were called to get ready for the swim! A jam-packed poolside welcomed the children and off the back of a solid run, they were raring to go! Before they knew it, they were at the start, staring down the 25m pool to the end. In the blink of an eye, they were all at the finish line getting ready to jump out!

All six children should be very proud of themselves for their efforts on the day. A huge thank you to their family for transporting them down to the event and cheering them on!

Competitors: Fred Dunkley, Alex Good, Lewis Swaffield, Hope Higgerson, Rosie Davis, Suad Othman.

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