Castles, Knights, Princesses and a bit of madness!

This term, Year 3 will be focusing on our new topic, Castles & Knights!

To celebrate our topic block, we held a launch day today to get us up and running! This will be followed by a trip to Warwick Castle next week, where we will have a tour of the facilities and a specialised workshop on battle skills!

Today, 3AH explored the key features and structures of a castle and their purpose in defending it. Then, we designed our own castles in small groups including these features. Soon enough, chaos had erupted in the classroom and it soon had a layer of cardboard and masking tape on every surface! The children worked hard for most of the day to produce some fantastic castles – pictures to follow.

In the afternoon, we researched what a knight was, how to become a knight and how they lived their lives. Not only that, we identified that there are ‘weak spots’ in a knight’s armour under the armpit and in the groin, so aim there if you want to get a knight down…OUCH!

Sorry girls, back in Medieval Britain, only men could be knights!

Next week, we will dive into Medieval Britain and experience life during this time, living in a castle and famous kings and queens of that time.

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