Royal Wedding Fever!

To celebrate the up and coming wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, RM enjoyed learning about the royal family. They finished off their afternoon by enjoying a royal wedding picnic, dressed in their blue, white and red outfits. They also did some fantastic work throughout the afternoon including writing wedding invitations, designing outfits for […]

RPT’S Minibeast Adventure

RPT went on a minibeast adventure this morning in the woodland area. In two’s they collected all sorts of creatures from trees, under logs and in the grass. They looked at them closely using a magnifying glass then used an identification sheet to find out what they were. Back at the classroom, they drew some […]

Double trouble!

Today the children were introduced to doubling. After looking at a few picture some of the children were able to guess what doubling meant; Arthur – “it’s like that domino, there are 4 dots on that side and 4 on that side. They are the same.” Eva (referring to a double decker bus) – “there […]

Brilliant writing boys!

This week, I have been so impressed with the sentence and story writing by some of the boys in RM. They have included a character, a setting, problem and a solution. They used their phonics knowledge very well too! I can’t believe I am teaching reception children! Great work, keep it up 👍

Wonderful writing

This week, I have been so impressed with the story writing by some of the girls in RM. They have included a character, a setting, problem and a solution. They used their phonics knowledge very well too! I can’t believe I am teaching reception children! Great work, keep it up 👍

Child initiated maths

This week, the children how been working hard and creating their own challenge in the class. We have provided the children with the resources but haven’t told them to do. They have had to think about their past learning and show us they still understand it. This has been fantastic to see. We are looking […]

Jigsaw – 25.4.18

This week in Jigsaw, we have shown great team work. We have been thinking about what makes a good friend. James “They hug you when you are sad.” Jessica ” A good friend shares with you.” Emmie “a good friend helps you when you have fallen down.”

Superhero week

Week beginning 12th March This week we have enjoyed a variety of superhero activities including role play, drawing our favourite superhero and listening to the story of Supertato.

Outdoor learning

We have been having the most of the recent lovely weather in the outdoor area. We can’t wait for sunshine every day! 🤞🏻

Days of the week

All year we have been singing the days of the week song. Before Easter Miss Moxam set us the challenge for ordering days of the week, talking about what comes before and after certain days and thinking about what we do on certain days! Great work RM, our singing has definitely helped! Charlie “I like […]

Marvellous Music

Before Easter, reception were lucky enough to have a special visitor. Scarlett’s (RM) dad is a music teacher and he brought in all of his fantastic instruments for us to play! We definitely have to budding musicians in reception!


This week we have been ordering numbers. We can order to at least 20 and some of us even to 100!!! We can also order non consecutive numbers! Miss Moxam showed the year 1 teachers and they were so impressed!

All aboard!

This week we have been reading the story of The Runaway Train. We have enjoyed making a variety vehicles including bikes, trains, submarines and prams.

Copper Coin Race

Thank you all for the donations of Copper Coins at the end of last term to help support our funding for the mini-pitch. It has taken a lot of counting, but Mrs Plant and her ‘Plant’s Angels’ have been working around the clock (break and lunchtimes) to count every last coin. The final total is… […]

Copper Coin Collection!

Wow-thank you for your generosity in bringing in copper coins today for our race. Well done 4H on winning, but what an epic effort by all! Thank you all so much… it may take a long time to count, but it’s very much appreciated for our mini pitch fund!  

Super speedy races

This week, RM have been learning about ordinal numbers. We looked at the position that the animals came in the Chinese story of The Great Race. Miss Moxam also let us carry out a car race with our favourite vehicles from the classroom. We rolled the cars down a ramp and then label where our […]

Safer internet day 2018

This week we have really impressed Miss Moxam with our writing all about technology and being online. Scarlett made Miss Moxam say WOW with her re-tell of the story ‘Clicking Chicken’ who met a friend online! Well done Scarlett, great independent work! Also well done to Max, Eva and Jenna who wrote about what they […]

Fund Raising Bike Ride

As part of the fundraising for the new sports pitch, we are organising a bike ride from Park Hill to Wembley, as it is the FA who provide the majority of the cost. We would like to invite as many people as possible, no matter what their experience, to cycle the 110 miles on Saturday […]

Safer Internet Day 2018

As part of Safer Internet day, Miss Moxam challenged us to make a piece of technology that we use at home. We made some great models using junk and even made sure that we included letters and numbers on our models. Take a look at our laptops, computers, iPads and phones. We also enjoyed helping […]

Magnificent measuring

Today, RM used dominoes to measure the length of paper scarves. The children thought carefully about how the measure accurately and made estimates before measuring. They recorded their answers on a whiteboard. Miss Moxam was very impressed with their estimation skills.

Strike a pose!

Today RM throughly enjoyed being photographers. We learnt how to take photos using an IPad. Firstly we thought about what made a good and bad photo then we took it in turns to take photos of our favourite things in the classroom. The best part of the lesson was sharing the photos with the class […]

Order, order!!

RM had great fun today in maths. We helped Maths Mouse to order numbers to 30! We did lots of counting, number recognition and answering before and after questions. “13 comes after 12” said Ehren. “5 comes before 6” said Emmie.

Wonderful work RM

Today RM worked their socks off in writing. They produced some fantastic pieces of work telling me all about the wonderful present they got a Christmas. They thought hard about what makes a good writer together before writing. When writing a caption they tried hard think it, say it out loud , write it and […]

Numbers,numbers everywhere!

This week RM have been working hard at recognising, writing and making teen numbers. We have really enjoyed using a variety of resources such as bead strings, numicon and cubes to make different numbers. Miss Moxam was especially pleased with Pyaari who used the spots on the face of a dice to make different numbers. […]

Tick, Tock ⏰

Today, we had so much fun learning to tell the time to o’clock! The used the mini clocks and even played What time is it Mr Wolf? We learnt that when the minute hand points to 12 this shows us an o’clock time.

School closed- Monday 11th December

Due to the snow, school will be closed tomorrow to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We hope the children are enjoying the weather!

Amazing addition!

This week in RM we have been learning about adding two groups of objects together and finding the total. As you can see you are becoming more confident with using and talking about the symbols + and = and finding out how many we have altogether!!

Preschool does Pudsey

Hello, Next week is Children in Need. In PreSchool, we would like all children to wear spotty clothing and bring £1 donation. During the day, we will be making cakes which we will be selling at the end of the day. We will also be holding a raffle to win a small hamper. Please can […]

Read Write Inc. Parents meeting

This evening, Miss Norcliffe has explained and described RWI lessons and how children learn Phonics at Park Hill. It was great to see so many parents attend, supported by many of the KS1 and Earky Years teachers. We hope you have a clear understanding of our phonics teaching, and have some useful tips as to […]

RPT’s Magical Potion Writing!

RPT have worked really hard over the past 2 days to use different words to describe the feel of some mysterious objects inside our cauldrons. We then wrote these words and sentences by applying our phonic skills. Mrs Phillips has been amazed by the wonderful writing which has been produced and all of the great […]

Wonderful writing

RM worked really hard to describe the mysterious objects in the cauldrons. There was cooked spaghetti, lime jelly, feathers and sticks .  We worked hard to use all the phonics sounds that we have learnt so far. Great writing RM! 

Fantastic phonics

Miss Moxam’s group

Bonfire night treats

To celebrate Bonfire night, reception made their own edible sparklers!! We got a bread stick and dipped them in melted chocolate and finally dipped them in sprinkles. They were so yummmy! 

SPENCER – Half term Champions!

Tomorrow morning, Spencer will be celebrating their first victory of the year (and the first of many!), when they watch the Lego Batman Movie!  

Pumpkin competition winners

thank you for all of your entries… here are the winners!      

Halloween fun

thank you to all of the children who entered the PTA pumpkin competition. Mrs Timms was extremely happy to see so many entries (and it even scared some of us every time we walked past!). The winners will be revealed in Friday’s star of the week assembly.

RPT Love Autumn!

Reception have taken part in lots of different autumn activities over the past few weeks. We went for an autumn walk, investigated autumn objects, sang some autumn songs, made our own hedgehogs and described the colours and sounds of leaves during a guided writing. Here is a selection of our wonderful work to share with […]

Repeated Patterns in RPT!

RPT have loved using autumn leaves to make repeated patterns. The children have been able to copy the repeated pattern and then continue it using the different coloured leaves.   Well done to Isla, Max, Lucy and Benjamin for their work on this today!

⭐️⭐️Delightful Diwali⭐️⭐️

Reception have had an lovely time learning about the festival of Diwali over the last 2 days. We have taken part in a number of activities including listening to the story of Rama and Sita, making diva lamps, making rangoli and mehdi patterns! What a fantastic end to the term! 

Stanley’s half term begins!!

After an exciting and long half term, I have arrived at Miss Moxam’s house for the week. Miss Moxam started by introducing me to Marlo! What fun we are going to have! Have a lovely holiday RM love from Stanley xx

Reception Rocks!!!

RM and RPT have an amazing time rocking out with Tommy from Rock Steady music school. Tommy brought in a selection of instruments including drums and a keyboard. After tapping out various beats using body parts, the children were selected to create a reception band! Miss Moxam was so jealous of Amelia (RM) who got […]

Phenomenal Phonics

In RM, we really enjoy our phonics sessions. Today we have been learning the sound ‘u’. Miss Moxam is very proud of how many sounds that we can remember. As a challenge, Miss Moxam asked us to spell some words, Fred was so impressed with us!!! Fantastic work RM!

Marvellous measuring in RM

We have had an amazing morning learning to measure how long objects are. Together we created some top tips for measuring, which we will use again next week. We even measured the length of Arthur. We found out if Miss Moxam measured him, he was 6 hands long but if Lana measured him, he was […]

We are scientists!

What a wonderful morning we have had in RM. We wanted to see what would happen when we put gingerbread men into different liquids. We put one in oil, one in water, one in milk and one in paint. We left it for 5 minutes to see what happen. We really enjoyed making predictions and […]

WOW writing!

Shurui has been working extremely hard on phonics over the last few weeks. She is now starting to write some CVC words. Amazing sounding out Shurui!

Superstar Reception Writers!

Reception have amazed us this week with their wonderful letter formation during our RWI sessions. What fantastic writing Cauley, well done!

Our First Two Weeks in Pre-School

It’s now week two, and the children in Pre-School are beginning to settle in to their new environment, learning new routines and rules and making friends. They have been very busy investigating their new classroom and the outdoor area as well as forming relationships with their teachers and key workers. They are developing confidence and […]

Reading – the key to success?

I remember some of my earliest experiences of books, sitting on the floor of my school library surrounded by choices and not knowing where to start! The anticipation of choosing a new book and using that ‘5 finger rule‘ to check that I would be able to read it fluently enough that I could enjoy it. […]


The Reception children are moving classrooms this year. The staff and the children have relocated in order to provide the new preschool with a large open plan space. This year, both reception classrooms will have their own separate classroom but a shared outdoor space. I think that their new spaces are excellent and even better […]

New Families

It was a very special day over in Preschool today. The parents of all children attending our preschool next week were invited into school to meet their key worker and to take a look at their new environment. The staff were delighted to meet new parents and were proud to welcome them all to our […]

Summer holiday

Well, the Summer seems to have vanished in the blink of an eye! I had an amazing time, visiting Lake Como in Italy and Switzerland on the Bernina Express train, followed by a visit to Newcastle to spend time with friends.

My Summer Break

I had a lovely summer break relaxing and holidaying with my family. Some of the highlights include; fossil hunting on Walton on the Naze beach, a trip to the Natural History Museum and playing on the beach in Scarborough.  

My Summer Holiday

I have had a really lovely 6 weeks with my husband and my little boy. We have visited friends and family in Chester and Brighton and been on holiday to Abersoch in Wales – it was sunny but a little bit chilly! We love visiting Chester Zoo when we go to Chester, my favourite animal […]

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