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As you are aware, parking around the school grounds can be problematic for our school community and the local residents.Today we received the attached, with information from the thelocal authority. They shared some details about a strategy that they are using involving an ANPR system. Hopefully this may help to alleviate some of the parking […]

Year 5 Maths Marvel

This weeks Maths Marvel is Sam, for working hard, being positive and supporting others.

Maths Marvels 5D

This weeks Maths Marvel is Jack. We have been impressed with his determination, perseverance and ability to try new challenges. Well Done!

Maths Marvel 5D

Our Maths Marvel was chosen because she helps many children if they get stuck with their learning . Well done and well- deserved!

Well done Maths Marvel

Our Maths Marvel was voted for this week because she has been challenging herself to gold and platinum challenges. Well done – very well deserved.

Maths Marvel 5D

Well done for persevering. A great effort GD! Keep going !

Maths Marvel at the Big Bang

This week I have chosen our Maths Marvel based on applying his mathematical skills and showing great perseverance at the Big Bang Show. Well done JF !

Maths Marvel 5D

Congratulations to our winner this week who was awarded Maths Marvel and Star of the Week for her effort in maths.

Maths Marvel

This week we had a clear winner for our Maths Marvel. She was nominated for the support she gives to others during maths lessons ! Well done -you’ll make a brilliant teacher.

Maths Marvel 5D

Well done to our Maths Marvel who had a fantastically positive week just before half term.

Number of the week!

Oaks loved meeting our ‘Maths Moonling’ this afternoon and celebrating his 1st birthday! He is going to visit us each week and leave us some number work based on how old he is that week! Oaks enjoyed exploring the number 1 and thinking about the different things which we can do 1 of, and how we […]

Maths Marvel

Imogen was our Maths Marvel last week! Well done 🙂 She was a true whizz at algebra and was very strong at explaining her methods and how she got to her answer. She even showed Mrs Willacy a quicker method! Keep it up Immy!

Money, money money!!

In out shape, space and measure lessons this week we have been thinking all about money. Year Two have loved having practical lessons and have shown such great knowledge already.

Maths Marvel

Corelli has been working hard on understanding the connection between decimals, fractions and percentages. He has been particularly good at changing improper fractions to mixed numbers. He has shown a change in attitude and is really showing great learning behaviour. Well done

3AH Maths Marvel!

This week’s Maths Marvel is Chloe! Over the past week, we have been applying the bus stop method for division (which can be very tricky). Everyone in the class found it tricky to begin with, however Chloe has been a prime advocate for resilience, growth mindset and determination. Since the beginning of the unit, she […]

4V Maths Marvel

Congratulations to this Matha Marvel, who did brilliantly with his 7x tables today. For the ones he was unsure about, he managed to use repeated addition and did them all incredibly quickly! Well done!

Rain Counting!

Super raindrop counting this morning! We counted the number of raindrops and matched the correct number of raindrops to the number on the umbrella! Well done Oaks!

Maths Marvel

Well done Matthew on getting Maths Marvel! I am super impressed with how hard you are working in Maths. You haven’t given up on tricky concepts such as algebra, sequences and solving decimal problems! Keep it up 🙂 ll

Practical Maths Stars

We have been working on Place value in Year Two and lots of children have been working outside, we have really enjoyed looking for examples of tens and ones in the environment. Back in the classroom we have started using some new counters to help us expand numbers and support us when we add large […]

Maths Marvel 5MP

This week, our Maths Marvel goes to Marcel Chester! Marcel has been working extremely hard this week to master new mathematical concepts and persevere with his work. Well done Marcel, we are very proud of your efforts and determination.

Maths Marvel 5D

Alex has worked really hard on this week’s fraction challenges to really understand fraction and decimal equivalence. He nominated himself and then his class mates voted him as the winner with 50% 10/20 of the vote. Well done!

4V Maths Marvel

Well done to this week’s Maths Marvel!

5MP Maths Marvel

Our Maths Marvel is week is…. SAM! Sam has been working really hard this week on his fractions and converting to decimals. As well as this, Sam stretched himself this morning with Mr Griffin’s mental maths starter, pushing himself to answer the harder questions and participate in class discussions. Well done Sam!

4N Maths Marvel

This week’s Maths Marvel for 4N is Layla for her fantastic work on written addition.

Well done, Lewis! You got Maths Marvel this week for showing all your workings and explaining your understanding! Keep it up 🙂

Maths Marvel 5MP

Our Maths Marvel this week is Danisha, this week we have been focusing on multiplying and dividing four digit numbers. Danisha listened well in lessons  and persisted with her work all week, even getting on to gold work. Well done Danisha!

5D Maths Marvel

Well done to our Marvel this week, who has persevered over the week and has cracked division and really challenged herself with division problems. Super effort and great learning behaviour !

4N Maths Marvel

4N’s Maths Marvel this week was Reo! Check out her brilliant work on negative numbers:

Well done to Honey and Eazy for getting Maths Marvel this week. You have been working fantastically this week in Maths!

Deja our Maths Marvel!

This week Deja has been chosen as Maths Marvel. She has been pushing herself  to try silver and good challenges in our multiplication and division (by 10 and 100) work, all of which have been completed to a high standard. Well done Deja!

What a Maths Marvel !

Today our Maths Marvel was nominated for perseverance and pushing herself with difficult challenges. Well done

Autumn 1 Week 7’s Maths Marvel of the Week is……..

Autumn 1 Week 7’s Maths Marvel of the Week is…………….. Lana. Lana has been challenging herself in our maths lessons. She is completing more and more work everyday, and choosing harder and harder work to complete. Keep it up Lana!

Maths Marvel

This week our Maths Marvel has worked really hard to understand and use Roman Numerals. Well done!

Marvellous Maths Marvels

In 5D these two mathematicians have worked really hard to work out the area and perimeter of basic and compound shapes. They have also found the missing lengths of shapes given the area or perimeter. Well done -you are a great partnership.

5D Maths marvel

This week’s Maths Marvel was nominated for our first maths award of the year for his attitude and improvement in using a protractor to measure and draw angles- a very tricky skill. Well done!

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