Park Hill Writing Hall of Fame

At Park Hill Primary School, we always challenge the children in their writing. We celebrate children who are focused on improving their work and being the best they can be. Welcome to our Writing Hall of Fame, illustrating the best work from around the school!


As you are aware, parking around the school grounds can be problematic for our school community and the local residents.Today we received the attached, with information from the thelocal authority. They shared some details about a strategy that they are using involving an ANPR system. Hopefully this may help to alleviate some of the parking […]

Making -The Maker

Year 5 enjoyed watching The Maker film and using it to write a short story. They then decided that they wanted to make The Maker creatures. They showed great perseverance in order to make and stitch the creatures together. Well done 5D – a great effort. Here is Issie’s writing:

Young Voices blog 5D

Hello Alligators We’re just chilling out here! We have just been to the best kids choir of all.We travelled by coach and we just went to old Birmingham Genting Arena folks. When we arrived, we strolled towards a peculiar looking building. We climbed up an infinite stair case which seemed to go on for ever! […]

Presentation King and Queen

The crown and tiara have been handed over to a new King and Queen. Well done for super presentation and working really hard!

Writing Week!

On Monday, there was a mysterious door that appeared in the hall! It was covered in vines, cobwebs and even blood stained handprints! There was even a signpost that told us where the door might lead to such as : the past, the present, the future, space and even the unknown! Across the school, we […]

What’s Behind the Door? By Julia

The Door appeared in the hall over the weekend and on Monday morning all the children came into the hall to see it being unveiled. Many questions were asked about the door and the children had some brilliant ideas for the type of writing they could do this week. Julia decided to write a fantasy […]

The Mystery Door

There was a surprise for the whole school in assembly on Monday, when a mystery door was unveiled. The children were asked for their ideas about where the door could lead them to, and Year 6 have been really enthusiastic about writing their own adventure, mystery or horror stories based on the door. Check out […]

Character descriptions of the gruesome Grendel!

This week, 5MP have been working on a character description of ‘Grendel’ from ‘Beowulf’. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing which have been exhibited on our wall of fame. Here is a small selection for you to read, enjoy!    

Max in 5D used wonderful words to describe Grendel.

Persuasive writing in 5MP

In English this week, we have been learning how to write a persuasive letter. The children wrote to Mr Griffin persuading him how important it is to maintain the daily mile.

Watch out Sir Hurricane’s about! by Isabella

Isabella from 5D has been writing in the style of Roald Dahl. Poor Heather Tinsel encounters the formidable Sir Hurricane – ‘ the familiar dead black eyes looked at her only this time they were ablaze with anger’ read on to find out what happens next!

Watch out- here comes Miss Trunchbull ! 5D

The children are enjoying reading Matilda by Roald Dahl. Here is some super writing including description and dialogue.


The children have really enjoyed reading Roald Dahl’s book: Matilda. They have produced some great writing from it in English.  

Fantastic Writers!

In Year Six, we have been looking at the text Street Child. We have been looking at key events within the story. In our writing, we have tried to step into the role of the main character, Jim. I have been really impressed with the children’s stamina with writing and their editing skills. Well done! […]

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