Park Hill Writing Hall of Fame

At Park Hill Primary School, we always challenge the children in their writing. We celebrate children who are focused on improving their work and being the best they can be. Welcome to our Writing Hall of Fame, illustrating the best work from around the school!

Rainbow Sentences

Year 2 have been spending a lot of time thinking about how we can extend our sentences to make them longer and more exciting. We can add conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, suffixes and different punctuation. Today we had a simple sentence “The tiger was hungry.” We wrote this on a strip of paper, and then cut […]

The Maker inspired super stories!

Well done to 5V for their brilliant writing inspired by the short film: The Maker.  

Year 2 don’t drop litter!

Year 2 have been wrongly accused of dropping litter onto the KS2 playground. In fact, they were even going to lose their break time as a consequence, but they eloquently and articulately wrote amazingly persuasive letters to Mr Griffin explaining that it wasn’t them… it couldn’t have been! I was lucky to be able to […]

Brilliant writing boys!

This week, I have been so impressed with the sentence and story writing by some of the boys in RM. They have included a character, a setting, problem and a solution. They used their phonics knowledge very well too! I can’t believe I am teaching reception children! Great work, keep it up 👍

Wonderful writing

This week, I have been so impressed with the story writing by some of the girls in RM. They have included a character, a setting, problem and a solution. They used their phonics knowledge very well too! I can’t believe I am teaching reception children! Great work, keep it up 👍


For the first time in Park Hill history two Year Two children have been given a pen licence. Take a look at their AMAZING work!      

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Year 5 have been taking notes, planning and writing non -fiction texts about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. We are very proud of our writing.

Safer internet day 2018

This week we have really impressed Miss Moxam with our writing all about technology and being online. Scarlett made Miss Moxam say WOW with her re-tell of the story ‘Clicking Chicken’ who met a friend online! Well done Scarlett, great independent work! Also well done to Max, Eva and Jenna who wrote about what they […]

Park Hill’s Perfect Pitch by Archie and Hai Yuan, 5LP

Adam’s Ice Palace description.

This week Year 4 have started to read ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. We have been using lots of descriptive techniques to describe the moment Ivan’s brother is taken by Starjik, from his bed in the dead of night. Adam has worked really hard to include all the skills we have looked at so far […]

Year 5 Fabulous Writers

Some of  Year Five have been listening to Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator in order to use Dahl’s ideas and language to improve their already brilliant writing. Read what Alfie and Charlotte have written.      

Year 5 homework task

Last week we learned about perseverance, and this week’s homework was to think about friends, family or famous people who have shown this trait and how we can learn from them. The children wrote about some really inspiring people, and here are two amazing examples. Maia wrote about her friend Giselle who is in 5V… […]

Wonderful work RM

Today RM worked their socks off in writing. They produced some fantastic pieces of work telling me all about the wonderful present they got a Christmas. They thought hard about what makes a good writer together before writing. When writing a caption they tried hard think it, say it out loud , write it and […]

Young Voices

After a wonderful Young Voices concert, Year 5 were inspired to write a recount of the events.  Read on to find out all about our day. Well done Imogen- what a detailed account Well done, Harry – you worked really hard to organise all of your fantastic ideas. Well done Rosie, glad you enjoyed it […]

There’s a reason some people are heroes…

Today, the Perfect Pen Pals decided they wanted to write to their favourite ‘celebrities’. We had a range of ideas, most of which were footballers. We also tweeted them to tell them how they are inspiring us to write. I was ecstatic to find the heavyweight champion of the world has replied to one of […]

Premier League Primary Stars

Today, Mr Hammond and Mr Lawrence went to learn about some projects the Premier League Primary Stars have designed to help support Reading, Writing and Maths. Some children will be chosen to take part in exciting Reading groups over the coming weeks, and there is also a poetry competition we would like every child to […]

Amazing Year Two Writing!!

Take a look at some of the amazing writing in Year Two over the past week. Chloe wrote a fantastic letter to the bumble bees in science thanking them for all the hard work they do. Tilly and Ava S-N both wrote great party invitation letters to their friends in our Big Write. Well done!!

Perfect Pen Pals

Today, the talented Year 4 boys writing group met for their first official lesson. They enjoy writing adventure and ‘gruesome’ tales, and they showed this today with a very vicious story- look at how much they have written! They used pen for the first time and the results are fantastic. The Perfect Pen Pals are […]

RPT’s Magical Potion Writing!

RPT have worked really hard over the past 2 days to use different words to describe the feel of some mysterious objects inside our cauldrons. We then wrote these words and sentences by applying our phonic skills. Mrs Phillips has been amazed by the wonderful writing which has been produced and all of the great […]

Wonderful writing

RM worked really hard to describe the mysterious objects in the cauldrons. There was cooked spaghetti, lime jelly, feathers and sticks .  We worked hard to use all the phonics sounds that we have learnt so far. Great writing RM! 

Fantastic phonics

Miss Moxam’s group

we have been learning about Beowulf as part of our English and Topic work, and met the violent Grendel this week! The children have been learning to vary their sentence openers using ISPACE and each group voted for the best on each table. Special rewards were given to two boys who’s work was exceptional!    […]

Year 3 Mythical Creatures

In preparationfor writing our own Roman myths, Year 3 have designed their own mythical creature. Check out Thomas Tildesley’s fantastic description of a “Carcarerdontersaur,” complete with fronted adverbials! Great job, Tom!

How persuasive can 5LP be?

5LP worked really hard on a story last week. To keep them motivated, Mrs Parashar bought in sweets. Not only that, but we skipped our maths lesson to finish our story.  Unfortunately Mr Griffin found out and wasn’t too happy, so we decided to write to him to explain our side of the story.  Can […]

Year 2’s fabulous postcards

Last week, Year 2 wrote some fantastic postcards from Sunny the meerkat, describing his extraordinary adventures in Coventry City. We used the pictures that Sunny took as inspiration, and have come up with some wonderfully exciting ideas.

WOW writing!

Shurui has been working extremely hard on phonics over the last few weeks. She is now starting to write some CVC words. Amazing sounding out Shurui!

We Love Sentence Stacking in Year 3

Check out our fantastic writing in Year 3 using Sentence Stacking. We have written a newspaper report all about the incident with Mr Twit and the Four Sticky Boys stuck to his tree. We used lots of great language features to improve our sentences such as fronted adverbials, expanded nouns phrases, brackets and subordinate clauses. […]

2N Writer of the week

Well done to Stanley our writer of the week for 2N. Stanley has worked extremely hard to write neatly this week as well as thinking about his content. Keep it up!

5LP’s super writers

We’ve had an exciting week planning and writing a story, using ideas from Roald Dahl’s Matilda. We had fun describing a hero and a villain. The villain then had to do something terrible, but fear not as the hero always got revenge, most of the time with the use of special powers just like Matilda. Harry […]

1B’s writer of the week 5 is…

Tife! The standard of writing this week has been very high, but Tife has impressed me with her amazing narrative and punctuation. We are excited to start exploring traditional tales next week, with the Little Red Riding Hood!

Superstar Reception Writers!

Reception have amazed us this week with their wonderful letter formation during our RWI sessions. What fantastic writing Cauley, well done!

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