Quad Kids Spectacular!

This afternoon, lots of children from 3AH took part in a School Games Quad Kids event that was organised by our School Games Coordinator, Mr Kingham from Westwood.

The children were raring to go when they arrived at the Xcel and couldn’t wait to get started. After a short briefing, it was time to race! First up, the 50m Sprint! The children ran in groups of 4 and the quickest 5 times were recorded. Following the sprint, the children completed a standing long jump, javelin throw and 400m long distance run.

Being the fantastic group that they are, they spurred each other on every step of the way and we even had a few goes to improve on our scores because we made it through the events so quickly! A big shout out to Isabell, our resident long distance expert, who ran the 400m quicker than everyone in the class! Even the organisers can over to congratulate her on such a fantastic time.

Well done to everyone who took part, you did the school proud and I’m glad you’ve had the opportunity to represent the school!

Mr Hammond

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