The gruesome Twits!

Year 3 were welcomed back to a new year with the grotesque thought of Mr Twit’s beard. Unfortunately, it was quickly compared to Mr Hammond’s beard! (Please note: it is washed on a daily basis unlike Mr Twit!)

The children read the start of the text for our new English unit based on Roald Dahl! He uses fantastic description in his writing and we aimed to replicate this for ourselves by constructing some sentences to describe the hairy monstrosity.

Because reading about it wasn’t enough, we decided it would be a great idea to make a huge beard replica to hang on our working wall and help us with our writing. A disclaimer was given to the children sat near the beards in case they finish English covered in snot and bogeys!

All of the children have settled into 3AH really well as there have been a lot of changes from life in Key Stage 1. We very much look forward to working with the class this year 🙂

Please can parents ensure the children bring in their reading books each day. We have spoken to the children and said it is ok to read other texts at home and if they don’t like a reading book, they need to come in and change it. They must come to us and ask to change their books when they need a new one.

Finally, our class dojo is now up and running and the invites will be sent out in due course.


Mrs Allen and Mr Hammond.

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