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Mini Olympics Victory

Yesterday, all of Year 5 proudly represented Park Hill at WCA annual Mini Olympics event. The teams themes were based on the Woman’s World Cup Final 16, and our children represented Brazil and Australia. It was lovely to see the children’s determination and support of each other throughout the day. We are really proud of […]

Deforestation Debat

It is getting very heated in 5D this afternoon! The children are representing different people contributing and affected by deforestation, in a class debate. We definitely have some very passionate individuals in our class. Many excellent points being made by all.

A musical evening at Coventry Music’s Summer Showcase

Children from across Key Stage 2 performed confidently and brilliantly as part of the School Choir in Coventry Music’s Summer showcase.  We sang from the choir stalls in the huge Butterworth Hall at the Warwick Arts Centre.  The children were so enthusiastic with all of the songs and their voices rang out through the hall.  […]


As you are aware, parking around the school grounds can be problematic for our school community and the local residents.Today we received the attached, with information from the thelocal authority. They shared some details about a strategy that they are using involving an ANPR system. Hopefully this may help to alleviate some of the parking […]


On returning to school today, we discovered our sunflower and cress seeds had germinated. We were surprised at the amount they had grown and to see what happens next.

Green Fingered Year 5s

Our Science topic this term is Life Cycles. So far we have been learning about the stages in a plant life cycle. This afternoon we have been sowing cress seeds and sunflower seeds, so we can see this process in action. Come back in a few weeks to see who has the wildest “cress head” […]

Flower Power

  This afternoon Year 5 have begun learning about plant reproduction. One of their tasks was to work in a group to produce some beautiful origami flowers. They listened well and showed great team working skills.

Year 5 Maths Marvel

This weeks Maths Marvel is Sam, for working hard, being positive and supporting others.

Royal Python Peril

Isabella’s recount of meeting a bull python. As soon as Dean (The Animal Man) slide the bull python off Edie’s neck, I knew I was next. The tension built up inside me and my heart skipped a beat. The reptile scrutinized me with those cold, empty and black eyes, sensing my sharp breaths and recoiling […]

Maths Marvels 5D

This weeks Maths Marvel is Jack. We have been impressed with his determination, perseverance and ability to try new challenges. Well Done!


We have had an action packed day in Year 5, with out rainforest Launch Day! We had visit from Dean The Animal Man, who brought in a variety of rainforest animals for us to hold and get to know. He taught you many things about their features, how they have adapted to their environment and […]

Making -The Maker

Year 5 enjoyed watching The Maker film and using it to write a short story. They then decided that they wanted to make The Maker creatures. They showed great perseverance in order to make and stitch the creatures together. Well done 5D – a great effort. Here is Issie’s writing:

Maths Marvel 5D

Our Maths Marvel was chosen because she helps many children if they get stuck with their learning . Well done and well- deserved!

Well done Maths Marvel

Our Maths Marvel was voted for this week because she has been challenging herself to gold and platinum challenges. Well done – very well deserved.

Maths Marvel 5D

Well done for persevering. A great effort GD! Keep going !

Maths Marvel at the Big Bang

This week I have chosen our Maths Marvel based on applying his mathematical skills and showing great perseverance at the Big Bang Show. Well done JF !

Big Bang@theNEC

Thank you to Goodmans for sponsoring our coach to take us to the NEC today for the Big Bang event. It was brilliant and we learned so much about STEM subjects and careers. The Year 5 pupils were truly inspired and really enjoyed finding out about the different jobs that science and maths can lead […]

Maths Marvel 5D

Congratulations to our winner this week who was awarded Maths Marvel and Star of the Week for her effort in maths.


5D have been investigating air resistance using parachutes. They planned the investigation and decided which variables to use.

Illustrator in the house. Year 5

Ben Barter came in to talk to Year 5 about his work as an illustrator. He is a local artist who attended a local school. He now works freelance as an artist producing illustrations for The Belgrade amongst other things. Thank you to Ben for inspiring Year 5 today.

Maths Marvel

This week we had a clear winner for our Maths Marvel. She was nominated for the support she gives to others during maths lessons ! Well done -you’ll make a brilliant teacher.

Maths Marvel 5D

Well done to our Maths Marvel who had a fantastically positive week just before half term.

Live Marking!

We are seeing a really positive impact of our approach to giving the children feedback. Not only are they improving their ability to identify successful work, they are also developing their reasoning and evaluating skills by identifying mistakes, and why and how they were made. All of this is helping us to provide opportunities for […]

Young Voices blog 5D

Hello Alligators We’re just chilling out here! We have just been to the best kids choir of all.We travelled by coach and we just went to old Birmingham Genting Arena folks. When we arrived, we strolled towards a peculiar looking building. We climbed up an infinite stair case which seemed to go on for ever! […]

Year 5 and 6 Young Voices 2019

Year 5 and 6 attended the Young Voices 2019 event at the Genting Arena yesterday and what an amazing evening of wonderful  entertainment it was.  The stars of the show were the children who, along with 6000 other children, sang and danced to some brilliant tunes. The children sang and danced with Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet, Sharlene Hector and Beau Dermott, who was the golden button winner of […]

5MP’s Blitz workshop

On Tuesday 8th January in 5MP we had a Blitz workshop. We learnt all about WW2. I Enjoyed finding out about the different gas masks they used. Did you know, they had a gas mask called a Mickey mouse mask to make the experience less scary for children! Roree Johnson 5MP

Ancient Greek Launch

5D had a very interesting day finding out about The Ancient Greeks. They made temples out of straws, drew artefacts and theatrical masks. Then they tried various foods such as feta cheese, honey, pitta bread, olives and hummus. Many of the children discovered tastes that they had not had before.

Coventry Blitz 5D

We found out about the horrific attacks on Britain and drew pictures of the Coventry Blitz that took place in November 1940.

Guess who ?

Year 5 and 6 Boys Cross Country Championships

Enjoying Come and Share# Christmas crafts

The children in 5D really enjoyed hosting an afternoon of Christmas Crafts this afternoon. Thank you to all those parents who were able to attend. The children love to share their learning experiences. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Maths Marvel

Corelli has been working hard on understanding the connection between decimals, fractions and percentages. He has been particularly good at changing improper fractions to mixed numbers. He has shown a change in attitude and is really showing great learning behaviour. Well done

Fraction, percentage and decimal equivalents

  In Maths today, we have been learning how to recognise equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We worked together in pairs to play ‘Tony’s pizza parlour’. We had great fun, it really helped us to understand equivalents and how to order them from smallest to largest.    

Spring Clubs!

Today the children will have brought home the letter with information about Spring Term Clubs! We have over 20 clubs on offer next term so get in there and sign up quick!   Please click on the link below for the letter itself (we know some get lost in book bags!) Spring Term Extra-Curricular Activities […]

Year 5 Quick Sticks!

We were very lucky to avoid the rain today as a team of Year 5 children, who were selected following their PE lessons, to play a hockey match against Templars Primary School today. Over the last half term, they have practised ball control, dribbling, passing and tactics within the game and they did a fantastic […]

Super Scientists! To dissolve or not to dissolve.

5D have been finding out if solid materials dissolve in liquid. They were making predictions and testing them to find out if the materials dissolve and they were also trying to find out if the temperature of the water affected the rate that the material dissolves. 5D found out that when no more sugar can […]

Writing Week!

On Monday, there was a mysterious door that appeared in the hall! It was covered in vines, cobwebs and even blood stained handprints! There was even a signpost that told us where the door might lead to such as : the past, the present, the future, space and even the unknown! Across the school, we […]

Maths Marvel 5MP

This week, our Maths Marvel goes to Marcel Chester! Marcel has been working extremely hard this week to master new mathematical concepts and persevere with his work. Well done Marcel, we are very proud of your efforts and determination.

Maths Marvel 5D

Alex has worked really hard on this week’s fraction challenges to really understand fraction and decimal equivalence. He nominated himself and then his class mates voted him as the winner with 50% 10/20 of the vote. Well done!

What’s Behind the Door? By Julia

The Door appeared in the hall over the weekend and on Monday morning all the children came into the hall to see it being unveiled. Many questions were asked about the door and the children had some brilliant ideas for the type of writing they could do this week. Julia decided to write a fantasy […]

Writing week in 5MP

This week it has been writing week in school. Year 5 have been coming up with some amazing ideas around our stimulus the creepy door. At the beginning of the week, we planned our ideas in groups thinking about the genre of writing we wanted to pick, what our setting would be like and our characters. Watch this space for some of […]

5D Viking Longboats

The children have worked with different materials to produce a collage of a Viking longboat.

5MP Maths Marvel

Our Maths Marvel is week is…. SAM! Sam has been working really hard this week on his fractions and converting to decimals. As well as this, Sam stretched himself this morning with Mr Griffin’s mental maths starter, pushing himself to answer the harder questions and participate in class discussions. Well done Sam!

Netball trip to the Ricoh arena!

Today Netballers in year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to go on a very special trip! Ruby, Carmen and Lauren would like to tell you about what they got up to: On the 15th of November we went to the Ricoh arena to get a VIP netball experience. We received some coaching from the Wasp’s […]

Maths Marvel 5MP

Our Maths Marvel this week is Danisha, this week we have been focusing on multiplying and dividing four digit numbers. Danisha listened well in lessons  and persisted with her work all week, even getting on to gold work. Well done Danisha!

Viking Quiz homework

Last week, our class homework was to design a quiz about the Vikings. There were some superb examples of these including a ‘Viking Box’ quiz! Well done for your efforts 5MP, we really enjoyed reading through them.

5D Maths Marvel

Well done to our Marvel this week, who has persevered over the week and has cracked division and really challenged herself with division problems. Super effort and great learning behaviour !

Move and Learn – Thank you Sky Blue in the Community.

During week 2 of the programme Jake and Jack from the Sky Blue in the Community-Move and Learn project were working with 5D to develop ball skills and agility. The children played handball and had lots of fun. The Green v Red game was a close game 0-1 with Jack defending well for the Reds […]

Match Report: PH v Finham

It’s bonfire night! What’s the only thing that can make it better?! FOOTBALL! As always, Park Hill knew it would be a competitive match against Finham and we weren’t surprised. Some children stepped in to make their debut for the school and we saw some fantastic individual performances as a result! Nathan Hibberd very unlucky […]

Deja our Maths Marvel!

This week Deja has been chosen as Maths Marvel. She has been pushing herself  to try silver and good challenges in our multiplication and division (by 10 and 100) work, all of which have been completed to a high standard. Well done Deja!

Character descriptions of the gruesome Grendel!

This week, 5MP have been working on a character description of ‘Grendel’ from ‘Beowulf’. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing which have been exhibited on our wall of fame. Here is a small selection for you to read, enjoy!    

What a Maths Marvel !

Today our Maths Marvel was nominated for perseverance and pushing herself with difficult challenges. Well done

Max in 5D used wonderful words to describe Grendel.

Bats, bats ,bats !

We had an ecologist come to talk to us about all the different species of bats and the conservation of bats. It was very interesting. Thank you for Finham Park2 School for organising this for us. The children enjoyed making Bat hats and then some of them wore them out for Halloween!

Match Report PH v Spon Gate

In the first round of the Harry Shaw Cup, Park Hill travelled away to a strong Spon Gate side who previously went very far in a national competition! As we arrived, some of the children were surprised at the size of the pitch with it being less than half the size of ours! After a […]

Feedback and Marking

Dear Parents and carers, The staff at Park Hill are constantly striving to improve teaching and learning for your child. This term, we have reassessed how we give feedback to the children, and after a lot of research, we have adopted a new approach.  We have moved away from mainly written marking and feedback in […]

Viking invasion – the great debate!

This week in topic we have become Vikings, debating which country we should invade using our powers of persuasion and the techniques we’ve learned in English. We decided that the United Kingdom and The Netherlands were worth a trip. 9E1D1224-B153-48BE-A1C6-5705D58DCD2E 97479F65-4310-433E-BDF5-7DC380580F97 02B7173A-339B-48AE-8E89-844E0A162895

Maths Marvel

This week our Maths Marvel has worked really hard to understand and use Roman Numerals. Well done!

Persuasive writing in 5MP

In English this week, we have been learning how to write a persuasive letter. The children wrote to Mr Griffin persuading him how important it is to maintain the daily mile.

Marvellous Maths Marvels

In 5D these two mathematicians have worked really hard to work out the area and perimeter of basic and compound shapes. They have also found the missing lengths of shapes given the area or perimeter. Well done -you are a great partnership.

Watch out Sir Hurricane’s about! by Isabella

Isabella from 5D has been writing in the style of Roald Dahl. Poor Heather Tinsel encounters the formidable Sir Hurricane – ‘ the familiar dead black eyes looked at her only this time they were ablaze with anger’ read on to find out what happens next!

5D Maths marvel

This week’s Maths Marvel was nominated for our first maths award of the year for his attitude and improvement in using a protractor to measure and draw angles- a very tricky skill. Well done!

Super Scientists.

Year 5 have been testing materials to find out if they are conductors of electricity, to find out if they are soluble or magnetic! Very interesting!

Scientists in 5MP

Today in Science, we tested different materials to find out about their different properties. We found it very interesting, especially the conductor test with a battery and light bulb circuit.  

Team Park Hill Football & Netball

What a fantastic start to the new academic year! Mr Freeman and Mr Hammond conducted trials for the school football team and selected 14 children to train on Mondays after school as part of the squad. The quality of football on show during the trials was fantastic and all of the children who trialed should […]

Winter trees!

Year 5 have been producing designs for our Christmas cards.

Watch out- here comes Miss Trunchbull ! 5D

The children are enjoying reading Matilda by Roald Dahl. Here is some super writing including description and dialogue.

5MP’s Super Writing!

Good Morning Everyone, What another great week! In English, we have been imagining what it would be like to have a conversation with the horrible Miss Trunchbull! When we have been writing about this, we have been focusing on making sure we including fronted adverbials and inverted commas in our work.  We have really enjoyed sharing our work together as a class and hearing everyone’s fantastic ideas. Have a great […]


The children have really enjoyed reading Roald Dahl’s book: Matilda. They have produced some great writing from it in English.  

5D Anglo Saxons

We’ve had a great week settling down to the Year 5 routine. We’ve been learning about materials and their uses and about Anglo Saxon Britain. We have enjoyed reading Matilda and basing our English around this. All children have received their class job contract so I look forward to seeing them in action next week.  […]

5MP’s Viking houses!

Following on from  our launch day last week, 5MP have been working hard on their Viking houses. They have used a range of different materials to create a realistic house. Just like the ones we have been learning about in Topic. Keep up the good work Year 5!  

5D-Raiders and Invaders

5D have started the school year really well. We are showing good learning whilst finding out about the Viking raids and making Viking longhouses. We also used rune symbols to write our name in straws.

Year 5 Saxon and Viking Launch Day!

  Hello Everyone, We have had a fantastic day today learning about Saxons and Vikings. As a class we came up with a timeline and learnt how to write our names using the Viking ‘rune’ alphabet! We have also started making our Saxon houses using various construction materials. Great work so far year 5!  Have a good […]

Welcome to a new school year!

What a great three days we have had in our first week of the new term. The teachers had some exciting training Monday and Tuesday, and we eagerly awaited Wednesday, when the children came. The term has started brilliantly, and we cannot wait for the year ahead!

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