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Viking invasion – the great debate!

This week in topic we have become Vikings, debating which country we should invade using our powers of persuasion and the techniques we’ve learned in English. We decided that the United Kingdom and The Netherlands were worth a trip. 9E1D1224-B153-48BE-A1C6-5705D58DCD2E 97479F65-4310-433E-BDF5-7DC380580F97 02B7173A-339B-48AE-8E89-844E0A162895

Maths Marvel

This week our Maths Marvel has worked really hard to understand and use Roman Numerals. Well done!

Persuasive writing in 5MP

In English this week, we have been learning how to write a persuasive letter. The children wrote to Mr Griffin persuading him how important it is to maintain the daily mile.

Marvellous Maths Marvels

In 5D these two mathematicians have worked really hard to work out the area and perimeter of basic and compound shapes. They have also found the missing lengths of shapes given the area or perimeter. Well done -you are a great partnership.

Watch out Sir Hurricane’s about! by Isabella

Isabella from 5D has been writing in the style of Roald Dahl. Poor Heather Tinsel encounters the formidable Sir Hurricane – ‘ the familiar dead black eyes looked at her only this time they were ablaze with anger’ read on to find out what happens next!

5D Maths marvel

This week’s Maths Marvel was nominated for our first maths award of the year for his attitude and improvement in using a protractor to measure and draw angles- a very tricky skill. Well done!

Super Scientists.

Year 5 have been testing materials to find out if they are conductors of electricity, to find out if they are soluble or magnetic! Very interesting!

Scientists in 5MP

Today in Science, we tested different materials to find out about their different properties. We found it very interesting, especially the conductor test with a battery and light bulb circuit.  

Team Park Hill Football & Netball

What a fantastic start to the new academic year! Mr Freeman and Mr Hammond conducted trials for the school football team and selected 14 children to train on Mondays after school as part of the squad. The quality of football on show during the trials was fantastic and all of the children who trialed should […]

Winter trees!

Year 5 have been producing designs for our Christmas cards.

Watch out- here comes Miss Trunchbull ! 5D

The children are enjoying reading Matilda by Roald Dahl. Here is some super writing including description and dialogue.

5MP’s Super Writing!

Good Morning Everyone, What another great week! In English, we have been imagining what it would be like to have a conversation with the horrible Miss Trunchbull! When we have been writing about this, we have been focusing on making sure we including fronted adverbials and inverted commas in our work.  We have really enjoyed sharing our work together as a class and hearing everyone’s fantastic ideas. Have a great […]


The children have really enjoyed reading Roald Dahl’s book: Matilda. They have produced some great writing from it in English.  

5D Anglo Saxons

We’ve had a great week settling down to the Year 5 routine. We’ve been learning about materials and their uses and about Anglo Saxon Britain. We have enjoyed reading Matilda and basing our English around this. All children have received their class job contract so I look forward to seeing them in action next week.  […]

5MP’s Viking houses!

Following on from  our launch day last week, 5MP have been working hard on their Viking houses. They have used a range of different materials to create a realistic house. Just like the ones we have been learning about in Topic. Keep up the good work Year 5!  

5D-Raiders and Invaders

5D have started the school year really well. We are showing good learning whilst finding out about the Viking raids and making Viking longhouses. We also used rune symbols to write our name in straws.

Year 5 Saxon and Viking Launch Day!

  Hello Everyone, We have had a fantastic day today learning about Saxons and Vikings. As a class we came up with a timeline and learnt how to write our names using the Viking ‘rune’ alphabet! We have also started making our Saxon houses using various construction materials. Great work so far year 5!  Have a good […]

Welcome to a new school year!

What a great three days we have had in our first week of the new term. The teachers had some exciting training Monday and Tuesday, and we eagerly awaited Wednesday, when the children came. The term has started brilliantly, and we cannot wait for the year ahead!

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