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Year 5 Anglo-Saxon time travel through the years.

Maths Marvel 5D

Golden Time 5D enjoying the sunshine ☀️

5D organised themselves into a variety of activities today and enjoyed some lovely late Summer sunshine. Here are our Star of the Week and Jigsaw winners enjoying reading some books together.

Maths Marvel 5 D

A great start to Year 5 out Maths Marvel is really challenging herself!

Library Time 5D

5D enjoyed visiting the library today

Maths Marvel 5D

Our Maths Marvel has been really challenging himself with new, more difficult learning tasks. Well done.

A message from Tom Palmer…

I managed to contact famous author of ‘Roy of the Rovers’ and ‘D-DOG Day’, Tom Palmer, who has sent us the following message! He has also provided some signed books, which we will use for prizes for amazing reading!  

5 D Golden Time special.

5D settled into Year 5 really well and really enjoyed a wide variety of activities as their Golden Time. It was good to see them queuing for the Reading Corner!

5D Book worms

Book worms

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