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Year 5 visit to the zoo!

today, Year 5 visited Dudley zoo- what a great day we had!

Happy Fathers Day from 5V

Wishing all the dads a lovely day today from 5V ! We hope you like your card.

Budding artists enter the Rainforest.

Year  5 chose the media they wanted to work in and set about producing art of their choice . They choose pastels , paint , collage or clay and produced some really lovely finished pieces.  

5LP and CCFC fitness classes

Some budding Year 5 writers visit Finham Park 2

Some of our amazing Year 5 writers had a fantastic opportunity to meet Rosalie Warren, a children’s author, at Finham Park 2 last week.  They completed a workshop with her which included brainstorming some ideas that will be put into her new book and drawing some fabulous pictures of the characters. “We met with the […]

Tennis stars

Well done to our Year 5 girls and Year 6 boys who came 3rd in the recent tennis competition. A superb effort!

More amazing Rainforest models!

The children have been working very hard at home researching the Rainforest. They’ve made models and presented them to their class. Well done 5V great work!  

5LP’s incredible rainforest projects

over the past few weeks, 5LP have had rainforest projects to complete for homework. They researched various animals… and the results were amazing! We have such creative, clever and imaginative children in the class!

Amazing homework projects! Well done 5V

The long term homework projects have started rolling in and they are amazing ! 5V have been researching The Rainforest and have been making models to bring in to show us . They will be telling us what they did and what they have learned about the topic.  

Congratulations Harry and Megan !

      Year 5 dined and celebrated in style as the last minute preparations were made for the royal couple to get married!

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Year Five and Six had a lovely time celebrating the Royal Wedding. Any excuse for  food, cake and games!

Mad Scientist causes major explosion !

Quietly, the children of Park Hill Primary School were sitting in awe and wonder as the scientist demonstrated his experiments. Suddenly, at about 2:20pm there was a massive explosion that shook the school!  One or two of the staff, alarmed at the commotion, came running to the rescue to find that all was under control […]

The Maker inspired super stories!

Well done to 5V for their brilliant writing inspired by the short film: The Maker.  

I’m in 5LP… get me out of here!!!!!

what an amazing day we had in 5LP on Friday, with our launch day! It started with some harmless eating of rainforest fruit, but turned crazy soon after… we ate bugs! We tried mopane worms, giant queen leaf cutter ants and salt and vinegar crickets! The king of the jungle was definitely Jack, who triumphantly […]

Meet a Creature and I’m a Year Five get me out of here!!

5V thoroughly enjoyed the launch of our Rain forest topic today. We met Dean, who brought along a very friendly bunch of Rain forest creatures to meet us. It was a very interesting and exciting  session. We held the creatures and observed them. We were given the opportunity to hold a snake and a tarantula!  […]

Musical Fun in the Sun

Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying listening to the sound of the sixties. They have been singing and accompanying: Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas. As you can see 5LP had a whale of a time.   IMG_3712 IMG_3714 IMG_3715 IMG_3716

Looking inside flowers

Year 5 have been looking very closely at the inside of flowers to find out about how seeds are produced. 

Copper Coin Race

Thank you all for the donations of Copper Coins at the end of last term to help support our funding for the mini-pitch. It has taken a lot of counting, but Mrs Plant and her ‘Plant’s Angels’ have been working around the clock (break and lunchtimes) to count every last coin. The final total is… […]

#MiniPitch Raffle!

On Friday, all children took home a book of raffle tickets and a letter explaining about our #MiniPitch fundraising! So far, we have raised over £3,5oo and we still need to confirm the money raised from the Copper Coin Race before Easter! Our fundraising page is Please follow the page to keep updated and […]

Copper Coin Collection!

Wow-thank you for your generosity in bringing in copper coins today for our race. Well done 4H on winning, but what an epic effort by all! Thank you all so much… it may take a long time to count, but it’s very much appreciated for our mini pitch fund!  

5s and 3s

Year 5 playing dominoes . They enjoyed using multiples of 5s and 3s to score. Well done to Giselle and Aeryn  -the winners  

Year 5 Come and Share

It was brilliant to welcome our parents in to school this afternoon to share our work. Year 5 have been learning about the Ancient Greeks, and after a quiz, we invited our parents to take part in our own interpretation of the Olympics. Thank you for coming… and for being such good sports by taking […]

5V Enjoying Golden Time – many thanks to the PTA.

After a long assessment week, where the children have all worked hard on their tests, 5V really enjoyed playing with their new Golden Time board games. It was lovely to see them sharing and teaching each other how to play new games. Thank you PTA.    

St Andrews Church- here we come!

We walked down the lane to St Andrews Church to meet Reverend Greg. We found out lots of important information and chatted to Greg about why people worship. We really enjoyed our interesting morning out of school. Thank you Greg      

Active Communications Donation

We are very pleased to share that Active Communications have donated £100 to the #MiniPitches fund! Based at 10 Unicorn Avenue, Eastern Green, we quick to support the community when we got in touch and it helps our totalizer creep towards the £1000 mark! Please visit their website for any telephone systems, computer / wireless solutions, […]

Year 5 Footloose Footloose! superb performance by WCA.

Year 6 enjoyed a very entertaining afternoon at West Coventry Academy. The students there performed Footloose and it was a great afternoon with some of Parkhill’s former pupils  in lead roles. The singing was fabulous, the acting superb and the children danced with the orchestra. Thank you WCA for inviting us to your brilliant performance. […]

Cupid’s arrow struck @ Park Hill

On Friday 9th February, the school PTA organised and ran a Valentine’s Disco for Key Stage 2! Plenty of dangerous dance moves were on show and it proved to be a very popular event! Without fail, the tuck shop was a massive hit and alongside ticket fees, the PTA raised £306.55 towards the Mini Pitch […]

World Book Day 2018 in 5V

5V enjoyed sharing their books and listening to different authors sharing their stories. 5V enjoy The Bolds by Julian Clary.   lary

World Book Day Fun in 5LP

What a brilliant range of characters the class chose from.  We had a great morning looking at the props children brought in and trying to guess which character they were from.  We also had a quiz, shared our favourite books, heard another chapter from our class reader,  Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief, and we […]

Miles 4 Money & The Children’s Mile

Dear parents / guardians,   As you may know, children within school have signed up to take part in ‘The Children’s Mile’ in association with the Coventry Half Marathon. In total, 111 children have signed up for the event! (More information will be sent to you in due course if you are taking part.)   […]

5LP’s Chinese New Year Celebration

Happy New Year

5V celebrated the Chinese New Year this afternoon.  We have some very creative children.

Friction Fever

5V have been testing different surfaces for friction using a training shoe and a force meter to measure the force needed to pull it along. We had some surprising results.  

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses

Year 5 have been taking notes, planning and writing non -fiction texts about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. We are very proud of our writing.

All weather pitch fund raising

Yesterday, we set up or ‘neighbourly’ page for our new all weather pitch (it’s similar to a ‘just giving’ page). Please use the link below and sign up and ‘follow’ us, as well as sharing it with your family and friends, as the higher our ‘activity score’, the more attractive we are to businesses and […]

Clubs Crazy!

At Park Hill we are clubs crazy! With 15 clubs on this half term, including dance, gym, taekwondo, basketball, tennis, table tennis, football, dodgeball and netball. In total, 217 spaces were filled which is just under 88%! Well done to all of the children who have been taking part in clubs so far. If anyone […]

Pancake maths in Year 5

We used our maths skills today to scale up and down to work out the amounts of ingredients we would need to cook pancakes for different numbers of children. We could further use our maths skills to measure accurately and read scales.  Of course we enjoyed cooking and eating the pancakes too!

5V Parachutes

5 V have been learning about the force of gravity and about how air resistance slows objects. We set up an investigation to learn more about air resistance, first of all with parachutes and then with different sized propellers.  

The Children’s Mile!

On Tuesday, all children from Y1 to Y6 will have brought home a letter about a Children’s Mile on Sunday 18th March. The aim of the event is to increase participation in regular physical activity alongside promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, we are raising money for both the school sports pitch and […]

Park Hill’s Perfect Pitch by Archie and Hai Yuan, 5LP

Fund Raising Bike Ride

As part of the fundraising for the new sports pitch, we are organising a bike ride from Park Hill to Wembley, as it is the FA who provide the majority of the cost. We would like to invite as many people as possible, no matter what their experience, to cycle the 110 miles on Saturday […]

5LP’s ‘Sports Day’

In amongst our learning today, 5LP ran a marathon! We used the new markings to calculate how many laps we would need to run altogether to reach a marathon distance, and ran it together! We finished our day with girls v boys at basketball (well done girls!), and dodgeball. Thank you everyone for the donations […]

Budding scientists

5V investigated air resistance using pieces of paper.

Quick-fire maths

  The girls in Year 5 have been learning to round numbers and add numbers quickly while they played cards.  

Year 5 Fabulous Writers

Some of  Year Five have been listening to Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator in order to use Dahl’s ideas and language to improve their already brilliant writing. Read what Alfie and Charlotte have written.      

Year 5 homework task

Last week we learned about perseverance, and this week’s homework was to think about friends, family or famous people who have shown this trait and how we can learn from them. The children wrote about some really inspiring people, and here are two amazing examples. Maia wrote about her friend Giselle who is in 5V… […]

Clubs for Schools Booking – Spaces Available!



Please make sure that all children have the correct PE kit or equipment for their lessons. Since returning to school after Christmas, there have been children unprepared for their lessons, which means teachers have to find alternative activities for them to take part in. It is essential that all children bring the correct kit so they […]

Year 5 perseverance day

This week, all of the children at Park Hill have been introduced to our new school values. For his week only, each class was given one of the values to look at in depth and think carefully about what it means. Year 5 had Perserverance. We began by undertaking various tasks which challenged us. We found […]

5LPs Golden (half) Mile

With the new markings on the playground, fine weather, and 15 new FitBits (other exercise trackers are available), 5LP decided they wanted to start their daily ‘Golden Mile’ challenge today. Most of us managed 8 of the 16 laps of the playground… it’s further than we thought and perhaps something we’re going to have to […]

Young Voices

After a wonderful Young Voices concert, Year 5 were inspired to write a recount of the events.  Read on to find out all about our day. Well done Imogen- what a detailed account Well done, Harry – you worked really hard to organise all of your fantastic ideas. Well done Rosie, glad you enjoyed it […]

Young Voices 2018

Year 5 and 6 had an amazing night at the Young Voices Concert on Tuesday.  We had fantastic seats (front rows, right behind the stage) which meant that we could really enjoy watching the band, solo singers and dancers.  We also had a great view of the parents when they came to watch! The children […]

Wasps Netball Community Day.

Yesterday,  19 girls from Year 5 and Year 6 had the opportunity to attend Wasps Netball Community Day. We spent the morning completing various netball activities, having a tour of the wasps changing room and meeting some of the players and the coach. Changing rooms: The girls got the chance to warm up on the […]

Trussell Trust Food Bank

Thank you all for your kind, generous and thoughtful donations towards Coventry Foodbank. We were overwhelmed by all of the items donated to the reverse calendar. We had a variety of donations ranging from cereals, biscuits, rice and toiletries. Mrs Bennett needed lots of bags and helpers to load all the items in to her […]

5V’s Viking Assembly

Mrs Bennett and I were really proud of the children performing our class assembly last week. They did brilliantly, learning their lines and speaking them clearly and loudly. They acted wonderfully, suitably supported by Jeremy Kyle (whose Dad also celebrated an important birthday that day too!)  

School closed- Monday 11th December

Due to the snow, school will be closed tomorrow to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We hope the children are enjoying the weather!

Awful Auntie Theatre Trip

This morning, Years 4 and 5 went to see a stage version of David Walliams’ Awful Auntie at the New Alexandra Theatre in Birmingham. We had an amazing time and laughed throughout it! We also took some talented Year 6 writers who won a writing competition by writing a letter to Mr Lawrence persuading him […]

‘The Derby’

Friday 10th November – a date to be remembered as the first Derby day of the year between Parl Hill and Eastern Green! The tension had been building throughout the week following the prolific result on Monday in the cup. Even Mrs Bailey commented that they were to win at all costs! Friday afternoon. First […]

Goal Frenzy!

Last week, the Park Hill football team won two fixtures convincingly against Whoberley Hall in the cup and Eastern Green in a friendly. On Monday 6th, the squad made the short journey to Whoberley Hall to a small pitch and bags of confidence. They had been training well and were definitely in the mood for […]

‘Sparking’ into action!

  It looks like a bone, but this is actually flint! Our class archaeologist found this whilst walking with her Nan. We turned off all of the lights, and truck the pieces together causing sparks and some lovely burning smells!

Year 5’s Foamy Fun

This afternoon year 5 experimented with different types of foam.  We looked closely at the size of bubbles they had and looked at how long they lasted.  We created different types of foam with different ingredients. The ingredients we used were; dried yeast, warm water, washing up liquid, food colouring, baking soda, vinegar and Ivory […]

Parking – Sign the petition!

The Governors and I are always trying to look for ways to make our school as safe as possible for children and families. Road Safety is high on the agenda. We have been liaising with Local Councilors to raise aware of road safety outside of school. Ward Cllrs we have also been approached by parents […]

5V’s Meringue Madness!

In Science today we were investigating the best material for protection. We were told that a village of Vikings were arguing about the best material to carry a meringue nest, (a delicacy in the Viking era!) The meringue had to stay in one piece as it was for the head of the Village! We had […]

SPENCER – Half term Champions!

Tomorrow morning, Spencer will be celebrating their first victory of the year (and the first of many!), when they watch the Lego Batman Movie!  

Pumpkin competition winners

thank you for all of your entries… here are the winners!      

we have been learning about Beowulf as part of our English and Topic work, and met the violent Grendel this week! The children have been learning to vary their sentence openers using ISPACE and each group voted for the best on each table. Special rewards were given to two boys who’s work was exceptional!    […]

Flapjack Fractions

Mr Lawrence’s neighbour always makes him flapjacks, and yesterday was no different. She has odd shaped baking trays, and so makes four separate ‘cakes’. She cut one into halves, one into quarters, one into eighths and the last into sixteenths. Mr Lawrence decided to share them with his Maths class today, so put each ‘cake’ […]

Year 5 Hockey Heroes

I was delighted to be able to take eight keen Year 5 hockey players to the Alan Higgs centre for a competition today. The determination, skill, teamwork, effort and enthusiasm shone throughout the morning. Our team won the first four matches 5-0, 4-0, 5-1 And 4-0, before losing by a ‘golden goal’ after a 2-2 […]

Halloween fun

thank you to all of the children who entered the PTA pumpkin competition. Mrs Timms was extremely happy to see so many entries (and it even scared some of us every time we walked past!). The winners will be revealed in Friday’s star of the week assembly.


With October being International Dyslexia Awareness Month and having just passed the British Dyslexia Associations Dyslexia Awareness week now felt like the right time to start our series of blog posts outlining information about the various different types of needs some of our children might commonly experience in schools. In the UK, on average, 1 […]

Year 5 enjoyed rocking out with Rocksteady!

Year 5 had a brilliant time with Rocksteady today.  We became a band in half an hour and a few lucky children had a go on the drums, keyboard and electric guitar. Rocksteady will be starting peripatetic teaching after half term where children will be part of a band from the outset and able to choose […]

The return of Year 6!

It was great to meet the exhausted children and staff from the coach after a memorable few days at Dol y Moch. A big ‘thank you’ to the staff and Sean, who all gave up their weekends to make special memories with the children.

Dol y Moch adventure day ?

Another fantastic day at Dol-Y-Moch! Today we went mountain biking and we learnt how to  kayak. Some of us even did the famous Dol-Y-Moch dive.     Ī  

Dol-Y-Moch Fun!!

Another fantastic day for the Park Hill crew! The  children are conquering their fears and learning new skills. Some children have even learnt how to ride a bike whilst here. Making so many memories.

Year 5 ICT

During Wednesday afternoon 5V and 5LP were given the challenge of designing their own maze game on a program called Scratch. With a partner they had to think about creating their own algorithm (a process or set of rules to be followed!) Once an algorithm was agreed their next challenge was to begin creating their […]

5LP’s super writers

We’ve had an exciting week planning and writing a story, using ideas from Roald Dahl’s Matilda. We had fun describing a hero and a villain. The villain then had to do something terrible, but fear not as the hero always got revenge, most of the time with the use of special powers just like Matilda. Harry […]

Happy birthday Mrs Sahota

Today Jimi and Oskar tinkled the ivories and showed us our amazing piano skills! We were in awe at just how good they were. We followed this with a beautiful ‘happy birthday’ for the brilliant Mrs Sahota

Rocksteady assembly

    Today, we’ve had Tommy from Rocksteady telling us all about his musical instruments and how they work. We’ve had some great fun! 

Viking Launch Day

Year 5 had an amazing launch day today! The children looked wonderful and had great fun. We met ‘Thive’ (Thor’s brother), sailed to Britain, went Vikermon hunting, created a longboat picture, learned a rap, emptied water from our boats, played a traditional Viking game, and had a test of strength! What a thoroughly enjoyable but […]

Reading – the key to success?

I remember some of my earliest experiences of books, sitting on the floor of my school library surrounded by choices and not knowing where to start! The anticipation of choosing a new book and using that ‘5 finger rule‘ to check that I would be able to read it fluently enough that I could enjoy it. […]

Class President

Today, 5LP elected our class president, and we are happy to announce President Logan, who will be suitably supported by THREE vice presidents who all had an equal number of votes – Hope, Rosie and Maia. We look forward to hearing their ideas on how to make our classroom better!

New books… new hair style!

We had our new books in English today and produced some magnificent work. We are trying to keep our books in the best condition so we put special plastic protective wallets on them. What we didn’t expect, was the static electricity they produced!  

Holiday Fun…

Hi, I hope you had a great Summer Holiday! I had an amazing time with my family and spent most of it away from home… in fact, I was only home for ten days through the whole Summer! We spent two weeks in Portugal where we swam, bombed and dived into the pool and went […]

Come on Year 5!

Hello Parents and Carers. For my first post I thought I’d show my true blue spirit: Come on you blues!  

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