Welcome to Year One!

In Year One, we have a group of enthusiastic and dedicated teaching staff.

In Year One, we work as a team to build upon the foundations made in Reception, encouraging further independence, curiosity and creativity. We strive for all children to reach their potential in a happy and enabling environment. It is a very important year, with a more structured approach to allow children to take ownership of their learning.

We believe in developing a ‘growth mindset’, where children like being challenged and show resilience and perseverance. ‘I CAN’T DO IT…. YET’.

We hope your child enjoys Year 1 as much as we will.

Every morning there will be a member of staff at the door to welcome your child into school and will be available to answer any questions or queries. If you wish to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher to discuss anything further, please contact the school office.




At Park Hill, we teach Read Write Inc. which is a fantastic phonics and guided reading scheme, which has had a massive impact upon our children, with them being more able to make accelerated progress in Reading. This scheme focuses on the importance of Reading, with aspects of Writing  and Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation. Reading is really the main focus of teaching in Year One. Please read with your child as many times a week as possible. The RWI book is a celebration of your child’s reading ability and the other home read books will need more support. 


In Year One, we are focusing on the fundamentals of Maths, encouraging the children to be accurate counters and to use various methods to support them with their arithmetic. We are challenging children to master skills through the use of word problems and open ended questions, encouraging the use of problem solving and reasoning skills.


Our theme for Year One is Rule Britannia. In Autumn 1, we are learning about Paddington Bear, focusing on London. In Autumn 2, we are learning about The United Kingdom, where we will be able to name the countries of the UK, their capital cities and some facts about them.  In Spring 1, we are learning about the Great Fire of London and the impact it has had on life today. In Spring 2, we are learning about the Monarchy and the impact these significant people have had on the country. In Summer 1, we are learning about Coventry’s local Geography and how this compares to somewhere like London. In Summer 2, we are learning about Eastern Green and will be using our Geographical investigation skills. 


In Year 1, we focus on ‘working scientifically’, where we ask simple questions, observe experiences closely, perform simple tests, identify and classify, make predictions and record data. We also learn the names of common wild and garden plants, deciduous and evergreen trees and can describe the basic structure of a plant. We also learn about different common animals and their classifications and what they eat. We learn all about our bodies and senses. We also learn about different kinds of materials, learning what objects are made from and their physical properties. We also learn all about the different seasons of the year and how these differ.


Mrs Mann

Hello, I am Mrs Mann. I have worked at Park Hill for a number of years, teaching throughout Key Stage 2 and this is my second year teaching in Key Stage 1. This year I am really excited to work with our younger children and experience their journey in learning.
I am a passionate member of the school who likes to get involved in whole school events. I’m excited for the journey the school is on and to experience all the fantastic opportunities the children will have.
In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my extended family – especially my two young daughters. I enjoy going on exciting adventures with them and encouraging them to enjoy everything to the fullest!
I look forward to working with you all this year.

Mrs Phillips