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Year 6 become dinosaur creators!

  In Science, we started our new topic ‘fossil hunters’. In pairs, we had to create our own dinosaur! At

Year 6 go cycling!

Over the the next few weeks, Year Six have the fantastic opportunity of taking part in cycling proficiency. The children are really enjoying it.        

Year 6 Blitz Art Work

In Art, we have been creating silhouette art to represent the blitz scenes. We have some very talented artists.    

Tennis stars

Well done to our Year 5 girls and Year 6 boys who came 3rd in the recent tennis competition. A superb effort!

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Year Five and Six had a lovely time celebrating the Royal Wedding. Any excuse for  food, cake and games!

Mad Scientist causes major explosion !

Quietly, the children of Park Hill Primary School were sitting in awe and wonder as the scientist demonstrated his experiments. Suddenly, at about 2:20pm there was a massive explosion that shook the school!  One or two of the staff, alarmed at the commotion, came running to the rescue to find that all was under control […]

Can we paint in the style of Monet?

In Art, we have been looking at the artist Claude Monet. We have been looking at Impressionism Art and tried to create our own Art work in the style of it.

Can lemons,potatoes and bread help run an electrical circuit?!

In Science, we have been looking at electricity! We had heard that there were other things such as citrus fruits and potatoes that could act as a cell in the circuit. We tried it, it didn’t seem to work. Some children thought it was because we used the wrong metal screws and coins, others thought […]

Musical Fun in the Sun

Year 5 and 6 have been enjoying listening to the sound of the sixties. They have been singing and accompanying: Dancing in the Street by Martha and the Vandellas. As you can see 5LP had a whale of a time.   IMG_3712 IMG_3714 IMG_3715 IMG_3716

Copper Coin Race

Thank you all for the donations of Copper Coins at the end of last term to help support our funding for the mini-pitch. It has taken a lot of counting, but Mrs Plant and her ‘Plant’s Angels’ have been working around the clock (break and lunchtimes) to count every last coin. The final total is… […]

#MiniPitch Raffle!

On Friday, all children took home a book of raffle tickets and a letter explaining about our #MiniPitch fundraising! So far, we have raised over £3,5oo and we still need to confirm the money raised from the Copper Coin Race before Easter! Our fundraising page is Please follow the page to keep updated and […]

Copper Coin Collection!

Wow-thank you for your generosity in bringing in copper coins today for our race. Well done 4H on winning, but what an epic effort by all! Thank you all so much… it may take a long time to count, but it’s very much appreciated for our mini pitch fund!  

park hill VS finham park primary netball

on Tuesday 27th march 2018, park hill netball team played Finham park primary. unfortunately, we lost 6-4. . The goals were scored by ruby 6F, we all played really well, and a special well done to finham! i think the game went really well , everybody played really well and good luck to finham in […]

Active Communications Donation

We are very pleased to share that Active Communications have donated £100 to the #MiniPitches fund! Based at 10 Unicorn Avenue, Eastern Green, we quick to support the community when we got in touch and it helps our totalizer creep towards the £1000 mark! Please visit their website for any telephone systems, computer / wireless solutions, […]

Cupid’s arrow struck @ Park Hill

On Friday 9th February, the school PTA organised and ran a Valentine’s Disco for Key Stage 2! Plenty of dangerous dance moves were on show and it proved to be a very popular event! Without fail, the tuck shop was a massive hit and alongside ticket fees, the PTA raised £306.55 towards the Mini Pitch […]

Miles 4 Money & The Children’s Mile

Dear parents / guardians,   As you may know, children within school have signed up to take part in ‘The Children’s Mile’ in association with the Coventry Half Marathon. In total, 111 children have signed up for the event! (More information will be sent to you in due course if you are taking part.)   […]

All weather pitch fund raising

Yesterday, we set up or ‘neighbourly’ page for our new all weather pitch (it’s similar to a ‘just giving’ page). Please use the link below and sign up and ‘follow’ us, as well as sharing it with your family and friends, as the higher our ‘activity score’, the more attractive we are to businesses and […]

Clubs Crazy!

At Park Hill we are clubs crazy! With 15 clubs on this half term, including dance, gym, taekwondo, basketball, tennis, table tennis, football, dodgeball and netball. In total, 217 spaces were filled which is just under 88%! Well done to all of the children who have been taking part in clubs so far. If anyone […]

The Children’s Mile!

On Tuesday, all children from Y1 to Y6 will have brought home a letter about a Children’s Mile on Sunday 18th March. The aim of the event is to increase participation in regular physical activity alongside promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, we are raising money for both the school sports pitch and […]

Park Hills glory Netball match V.S Finham park primary school !!!

On Tuesday 6th February Park Hill Netball team(Ruby, Lola, Ella-Louise, Ellie-Mai, Amelia, Grace K, Maisie, Millie, Madison, Charlie M and Kaycee) played Finham Park Primary School at home. We won    6-3 (Ruby;5 and Lola;1) the whole team played really well and so did Finham. I really enjoyed the game, i think everyone played a […]

Chocolate Cadbury Feast!

On Monday, Year 6 were lucky enough to go to Cadbury World. We were all very excited! Whilst we were there, we got to learn all about the Mayans. Did you know that the Mayans were the founders of the cocoa bean? Luckily, we got to learn all about chocolate, how it is made and […]

Children run a mile!

Last week, children were asked to come in their sports gear to raise money for our new football pitch which will be being built in the summer. Feeling energetic, the Year Six children decided to run a mile! Some ran, some walked and some did a bit of both, but it was great to see […]

Fund Raising Bike Ride

As part of the fundraising for the new sports pitch, we are organising a bike ride from Park Hill to Wembley, as it is the FA who provide the majority of the cost. We would like to invite as many people as possible, no matter what their experience, to cycle the 110 miles on Saturday […]

Mayan Masks

In Year Six, we have been looking at Mayan Art. We learnt that the Mayans used to wear funeral masks and masks for special occasions. We learnt about what the different colours represented and then we tried to create our own.

Clubs for Schools Booking – Spaces Available!



Please make sure that all children have the correct PE kit or equipment for their lessons. Since returning to school after Christmas, there have been children unprepared for their lessons, which means teachers have to find alternative activities for them to take part in. It is essential that all children bring the correct kit so they […]

Young Voices 2018

Year 5 and 6 had an amazing night at the Young Voices Concert on Tuesday.  We had fantastic seats (front rows, right behind the stage) which meant that we could really enjoy watching the band, solo singers and dancers.  We also had a great view of the parents when they came to watch! The children […]

Wasps Netball Community Day.

Yesterday,  19 girls from Year 5 and Year 6 had the opportunity to attend Wasps Netball Community Day. We spent the morning completing various netball activities, having a tour of the wasps changing room and meeting some of the players and the coach. Changing rooms: The girls got the chance to warm up on the […]

Trussell Trust Food Bank

Thank you all for your kind, generous and thoughtful donations towards Coventry Foodbank. We were overwhelmed by all of the items donated to the reverse calendar. We had a variety of donations ranging from cereals, biscuits, rice and toiletries. Mrs Bennett needed lots of bags and helpers to load all the items in to her […]

School closed- Monday 11th December

Due to the snow, school will be closed tomorrow to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We hope the children are enjoying the weather!

Year 6 get bloody!

In Science, we have been looking at the heart. We decided that in order to further our understanding, we needed to look at a real heart so that is what wedid! We got to see the different chambers, the vena cava, veins and arteries and we now understand more how clever our heart is and […]

Come and Share in Year Six

In Year Six, we had a lovely afternoon sharing our work with our parents. We also had an Art afternoon creating our own houses in the style of Victorians. Check our work out.      

‘The Derby’

Friday 10th November – a date to be remembered as the first Derby day of the year between Parl Hill and Eastern Green! The tension had been building throughout the week following the prolific result on Monday in the cup. Even Mrs Bailey commented that they were to win at all costs! Friday afternoon. First […]

Goal Frenzy!

Last week, the Park Hill football team won two fixtures convincingly against Whoberley Hall in the cup and Eastern Green in a friendly. On Monday 6th, the squad made the short journey to Whoberley Hall to a small pitch and bags of confidence. They had been training well and were definitely in the mood for […]

6W learn about the heart through Art!

In 6W we have been learning about the heart. Last week we looked at blood and its’ properties. This week, we looked at the heart and the different parts to it. Once we had looked at the heart and the different parts in the heart, we tried  to make our own using clay. Check them […]

Parking – Sign the petition!

The Governors and I are always trying to look for ways to make our school as safe as possible for children and families. Road Safety is high on the agenda. We have been liaising with Local Councilors to raise aware of road safety outside of school. Ward Cllrs we have also been approached by parents […]

Year 6 Athletics

Last term, Year 6 had been doing athletics as part of their P.E. lessons at the Xcel Centre, and last week they were lucky enough to be invited to take part in an athletics competition against two other schools. The children competed fantastically well in a range of events including: obstacle relay, parlauf running, a […]

SPENCER – Half term Champions!

Tomorrow morning, Spencer will be celebrating their first victory of the year (and the first of many!), when they watch the Lego Batman Movie!  

Pumpkin competition winners

thank you for all of your entries… here are the winners!      

6F Vampires!

In Science this week, 6F have been learning all about what our blood is made up of: red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets and antigens. We discussed what blood is and the different jobs it does for our body, before turning into vampires and drinking our very own blood smoothies made from: raspberries […]

6W blood bath smoothies!

In Science, we started our new topic ‘Animals including humans’. We looked at blood and what blood is made up of. We learnt that blood is made up of : red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. In groups, we made up a blood smoothie with different ingredients that represented the components of […]

Halloween fun

thank you to all of the children who entered the PTA pumpkin competition. Mrs Timms was extremely happy to see so many entries (and it even scared some of us every time we walked past!). The winners will be revealed in Friday’s star of the week assembly.

Year 6 Scientists

This week, 6F have been investigating colour in light as part of our work on light in Science. We started off by discussing what colour we thought light was, and the children had a range of interesting ideas. To explore this further, the children blew bubbles and discussed what they had observed: all the children […]


With October being International Dyslexia Awareness Month and having just passed the British Dyslexia Associations Dyslexia Awareness week now felt like the right time to start our series of blog posts outlining information about the various different types of needs some of our children might commonly experience in schools. In the UK, on average, 1 […]

The return of Year 6!

It was great to meet the exhausted children and staff from the coach after a memorable few days at Dol y Moch. A big ‘thank you’ to the staff and Sean, who all gave up their weekends to make special memories with the children.

Dol-Y-Moch Dive!

Check out our videos from today!   IMG_1219[1] IMG_1218[1] IMG_1217[1] IMG_1216[1] IMG_1215[1] IMG_1214[1] IMG_1213[1] IMG_1211[1] IMG_1210[1] IMG_1209[1] IMG_1208[1] IMG_1219[1]

Dol y Moch – Group C – Day 3

It was another fantastic day for group C at Dol y Moch. We started the day by getting kitted up for kayaking  (completing an assault course to get ourselves warmed up) and had a full brief on how to kayak. Once on the water, we played lots of games and challenges to test our skills. […]

Dol y Moch adventure day ?

Another fantastic day at Dol-Y-Moch! Today we went mountain biking and we learnt how to  kayak. Some of us even did the famous Dol-Y-Moch dive.     Ī  

Dol-Y-Moch Fun!!

Another fantastic day for the Park Hill crew! The  children are conquering their fears and learning new skills. Some children have even learnt how to ride a bike whilst here. Making so many memories.

Group B go mining! ?

Group B had a fantastic day today! We have been hiking up a steep mountain and went in to the slate mine. We all had to be brave and work together as a team to ensure we got up and down safely. In the mine, we had to climb and scramble up steep inclines. Well […]

Dol y Moch – Group C and D – Day 2

Today, groups C and D started the day by learning the skills of map reading and orienteering. We had a practice by finding markers all around the grounds of Plas Dol y Moch. We then put our sills into practice when we went to the nearby national parkland and did an unaccompanied walk in groups, […]

Some of the children decided to opt for a new hairstyle ?  

Dol y Moch Group A and B Day One 🙂

We have had such a fantastic day! First, we went orienteering in the pouring rain. Splashing in puddles and jumping across the brooks was great fun! We got to go on an unaccompanied walk and we had to follow the map just in case we got lost. Luckily, Mrs Willacy was waiting at the end […]

Dol y Moch – Group C – Day 1

Today, Group C had a great day learning how to rock climb and abseil. We started off learning the key skills in the rock climbing room and how to use the equipment. We had lots of fun playing traversing games then were really brave climbing with the ropes. After lunch, we went up to the […]

Dol y Moch adventure 🙂

We have arrived safely at Dol y Moch. The kids have been given all their kit and have been attempting to make their beds! We are looking forward to tomorrow and all the adventures that await us! Please bear with us for photo updates. Technology isn’t liking us at the moment!  


In English, we have been looking at P.E.E to help us to answer questions. We have to make our point, back it up with evidence and then explain our answer! It’s a bit tricky so we are going to be looking at this technique throughout the year!  

6F at the Magistrates!

On Monday 9th October, 6F had a visit from some magistrates as part of our Crime and Punishment topic. They talked to the children about the legal system and different crimes they deal with and how they punish those responsible! After break, the children took part in a role-play of a typical case. The magistrates themselves […]

Magistrates Court

Today, Year 6 had the magistrates court in! We learnt all about the different roles and responsibilities in the court and we even acted out our own trial! Some children acted out as the defense whilst others were the prosecutors. We even had artists at the back sketching the defendant and the witnesses. 

Some of the children in Year Six have been out for Art with Miss Tatham. They have been working hard looking at African pottery and are making their own pots. They will also get to decorate them. Great work so far Year Six

Rocksteady assembly

    Today, we’ve had Tommy from Rocksteady telling us all about his musical instruments and how they work. We’ve had some great fun! 

Year Six

6W have had a fantastic second week back! We had our first session at Xcel and we looked fantastic in our new PE shirts!  We also started our new R.E scheme and we looked at rules that are important to our daily lives. Lots of very strong opinions were present in our classroom and we […]

Reading – the key to success?

I remember some of my earliest experiences of books, sitting on the floor of my school library surrounded by choices and not knowing where to start! The anticipation of choosing a new book and using that ‘5 finger rule‘ to check that I would be able to read it fluently enough that I could enjoy it. […]

House PE kits

The children look amazing in their new PE kits… it’s great that the children can easily identify those in the same house as them and can compete against the others. 6F look awesome!

Our first day in Year Six!

Today has been a very busy day in Year Six! We have had an exciting start to Year 3. This morning, we excitedly went into the hall, to greet each other and share our holiday news- there were lots of holidays all around the world. Everybody looked super smart in their new uniforms and ready […]

Welcome to Year 6!

Good afternoon, I am very pleased to be welcoming Year 6 back to Park Hill after what has been a fantastic summer. I have been lucky enough to go on two brilliant holidays, first of all to France and then Croatia – I had a great time travelling from island to island on a speedboat […]

Welcome to Year 6

Well the summer holidays are over! I am really looking forward to having you back to school tomorrow! I hope you and your family have had a fantastic summer 🙂

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