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A musical evening at Coventry Music’s Summer Showcase

Children from across Key Stage 2 performed confidently and brilliantly as part of the School Choir in Coventry Music’s Summer showcase.  We sang from the choir stalls in the huge Butterworth Hall at the Warwick Arts Centre.  The children were so enthusiastic with all of the songs and their voices rang out through the hall.  […]

Gangsta’ Goliath!

This week, 3AH have been introduced to our new class member, Goliath…..the hamster! Super cute and furry, Goliath tends to sleep a lot (because he’s nocturnal) and is very quiet while we’re in the classroom completing our work. It’s because we’re very noisy! Oops! With fiery red eyes and fur as soft as silk, he […]

Quad Kids Spectacular!

This afternoon, lots of children from 3AH took part in a School Games Quad Kids event that was organised by our School Games Coordinator, Mr Kingham from Westwood. The children were raring to go when they arrived at the Xcel and couldn’t wait to get started. After a short briefing, it was time to race! […]


As you are aware, parking around the school grounds can be problematic for our school community and the local residents.Today we received the attached, with information from the thelocal authority. They shared some details about a strategy that they are using involving an ANPR system. Hopefully this may help to alleviate some of the parking […]

3AH Assault on Warwick Castle

On Friday 17th May, 3AH invaded Warwick Castle to see what it was like inside the castle itself! A prompt start meant we were at the castle nice and early for our ‘Battle Skills’ workshop. We learned how to make formations when marching and some sword skills, too! Afterwards, we visited the riverbank, where we […]

Castles, Knights, Princesses and a bit of madness!

This term, Year 3 will be focusing on our new topic, Castles & Knights! To celebrate our topic block, we held a launch day today to get us up and running! This will be followed by a trip to Warwick Castle next week, where we will have a tour of the facilities and a specialised […]

3AH World Bonkers Book Day!

On Thursday, 3AH arrived into school transformed into some of their favourite characters to celebrate World Book Day! They all made such a fantastic effort with their costumes and some were in character all day (some of the children were very accurate with their impressions). The best bit, the children had to visit the Xcel […]

Live Marking!

We are seeing a really positive impact of our approach to giving the children feedback. Not only are they improving their ability to identify successful work, they are also developing their reasoning and evaluating skills by identifying mistakes, and why and how they were made. All of this is helping us to provide opportunities for […]

Bones, Bones, Bones!

In Science this week, we have been studying the human body! We started by investigating the human skeleton and discussing what it does for us. The human skeleton is very strong and complex and it provides stability for our organs alongside protecting them. Did you know there are 206 bones in the adult body? It […]

The Power of 5 Homework Project!

This term, 3AH were set a challenge to complete a range of Roman-themed homework tasks! The children have shown bucket loads of enthusiasm throughout the whole topic and have consequently produced some fantastic work as part of their project! Have a look at some of our work (you’ll be impressed);

Spring Clubs!

Today the children will have brought home the letter with information about Spring Term Clubs! We have over 20 clubs on offer next term so get in there and sign up quick!   Please click on the link below for the letter itself (we know some get lost in book bags!) Spring Term Extra-Curricular Activities […]

3AH Maths Marvel!

This week’s Maths Marvel is Chloe! Over the past week, we have been applying the bus stop method for division (which can be very tricky). Everyone in the class found it tricky to begin with, however Chloe has been a prime advocate for resilience, growth mindset and determination. Since the beginning of the unit, she […]

Legging it!

3AH had a great time completing some BBC Supermovers videos and completing the daily mile on Friday! It’s all about staying active and having fun! Ausar ran so fast, he turned into a blur!

B.F.G Trip (Brilliant. Fantastic. Giggletastic)

As soon as we arrived into school, we got ourselves ready to leave again to visit the Albany Theatre (most importantly, we got our sweets, chocolate and popcorn at the ready!). After the register, we lined up and tip-toed silently past the other hardworking classes and down the driveway to the bus. After a short […]

Lest We Forget

At 11:00am today, the children in 3AH gave up some of their break time along with the rest of the school to hold a two minutes silence in aid of the service men and women who have lost their lives for this country. We had a conversation about Remembrance Sunday and the traditions behind the […]

Halloween, Bonfire celebrations and Diwali!

Last week 3R had fun afternoon completing a pumpkin experiment to investigate chemical reactions. The children thought about their equipment and method. They also learnt about the term ‘independent variable’ by predicting and recording the chemical reaction of baking powder compared to bicarbonate of soda! To the children’s disappointment the pumpkin did not explode over […]

Cooking Club

It was our second week of cooking club this week and the children have started to really get to know all of the different equipment and how we measure out different things. Last week we made Oaty cookies which were delicious, and this week we had a go at making Cheese Scones! There was lots […]

Fizz, Bang, Whoosh, Pop, Fizzle, Thud!

To celebrate Bonfire Night, Year 3 completed some firework themed activities! In the afternoon, we used a range of media to create our own firework art and explored a range of techniques to write a poem! After watching some videos of fireworks and having some discussions about our favourite ones, we set off thinking about […]

Vomiting Pumpkins!

To celebrate Halloween, 3AH conducted a Science experiment! We carved a pumpkin and scooped out all of the gooey inners ready for the experiment: the vomiting pumpkin! Carefully, we placed a bowl with vinegar inside the pumpkin along with a few drops of washing up liquid and food colouring (green being our colour of choice!). […]

Feedback and Marking

Dear Parents and carers, The staff at Park Hill are constantly striving to improve teaching and learning for your child. This term, we have reassessed how we give feedback to the children, and after a lot of research, we have adopted a new approach.  We have moved away from mainly written marking and feedback in […]

Mad Monday!!!

Today in Year 3 has been very busy! We had a new member start in our class today, which was very exciting! In Maths we stretched our brains by doing some column subtraction! We have attached a link see if you are as good as we are at subtraction with this great game. This afternoon […]

3 ‘aaaahhhh’

We did it! The first full week back at school complete! Tired?…Yes. ZzZzZzZz It’s about now that we all think back to the lovely Summer holidays where we had 6 weeks off and went out to nice places and played with friends whenever we wanted, but now…back in the classroom, completing work and we have […]

3R’s week

3R have had a busy full week back in school. We started the week using disgusting adjectives and similes to describe the food found in Mr Twit’s beard. However, this did not put us off our lunch! In maths we have been working hard to lay out our addition sums using the column addition method. […]

The gruesome Twits!

Year 3 were welcomed back to a new year with the grotesque thought of Mr Twit’s beard. Unfortunately, it was quickly compared to Mr Hammond’s beard! (Please note: it is washed on a daily basis unlike Mr Twit!) The children read the start of the text for our new English unit based on Roald Dahl! […]

Mr Twit’s beard!

Year 3 have had an exciting start to the week learning all about Roald Dahl’s disgusting characters- The Twits. The children worked in groups to make the most revolting beard for Mr Twit. The children even thought to use pencil sharpenings to darken his teeth and packets of rubbish to twist around his hair! What […]

Welcome to a new school year!

What a great three days we have had in our first week of the new term. The teachers had some exciting training Monday and Tuesday, and we eagerly awaited Wednesday, when the children came. The term has started brilliantly, and we cannot wait for the year ahead!

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