Year 2 Blog

Make your own playdough!

In Science, Year 2 are learning about different materials, and this week we have been looking at how materials move or can be moved. We knew that some materials cannot change shape, and some materials can. So we made playdough from scratch, and will use this not only for our next science lesson to investigate […]


This week Year 2 have been using different equipment to measure lots of different objects, such as books, chairs, quiet critters and even Maisie-May’s waist! We found out that we have to start on 0 when we are measuring and that we measure in centimetres. We all measured our height on the height charts outside¬†our […]

So Silly!

In Science today, Year 2 were talking about different materials and why they were suitable for different things. Then we got onto talking about silly objects, like why you can’t have a chocolate teapot or a jelly chair. We made some paper wellies and poured water on them….. uhoh, Catherine’s feet got soaked! The children […]

Topic Week

Year 2 have enjoyed begging our topic, Explorers, this week. We have learnt about two very different explorers, Christopher Columbus and Neil Armstrong. In Maths, we have been recapping our knowledge of 2D shapes. We were all given a shape picture and we had to explain to our partner how to draw it, using only […]

Wow Writing!

I was so impressed with Tife’s explorer story this week! I love the different ways she begins her sentences and has made it sound super exciting! Well done Tife, a great start to Year 2 ūüôā

The WOW Bell!

Today Bobby was such a superstar and the first person to make the teacher ring the WOW Bell! This is a very special bell and it only rings when OUTSTANDING work is spotted. Bobby had listened to the example and then quietly completed his work on place value, he could talk to the teacher all […]

Welcome to a new school year!

What a great three days we have had in our first week of the new term. The teachers had some exciting training Monday and Tuesday, and we eagerly awaited Wednesday, when the children came. The term has started brilliantly, and we cannot wait for the year ahead!

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