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Sport Day Prep!

Year 2 had great fun altogether out on the field on Friday. We had running races, relay races and even wheelbarrow races. 🙂 Bring on SPORTS DAY!  

Star of the Week

Well done to the whole of Year 2 who received a class star of the week today! This is because of how much you have grown and matured and proved yourselves to be a fantastically behaved and hard working year group.   We are proud to be your teachers!

Old Toys and Games

Yesterday, Year 2 had a special topic lesson – we went onto the playground and learnt to play lots of old playground games that our parents and grandparents might have played when they were at school! We had marbles, long skipping ropes, skittles, hoops and sticks and we played two ball! The children got to […]

Rainbow Sentences

Year 2 have been spending a lot of time thinking about how we can extend our sentences to make them longer and more exciting. We can add conjunctions, adjectives, adverbs, suffixes and different punctuation. Today we had a simple sentence “The tiger was hungry.” We wrote this on a strip of paper, and then cut […]

Cup and Ball

Year two’s topic this term is ‘Toys’ where we are looking at old and new toys, family favourites, rich and poor and lots more! Today we had to create a timeline of toys, arranging them from the oldest to the newest. We then had a look at a toy called ‘cup and ball’ and we […]

Year 2 don’t drop litter!

Year 2 have been wrongly accused of dropping litter onto the KS2 playground. In fact, they were even going to lose their break time as a consequence, but they eloquently and articulately wrote amazingly persuasive letters to Mr Griffin explaining that it wasn’t them… it couldn’t have been! I was lucky to be able to […]


For the first time in Park Hill history two Year Two children have been given a pen licence. Take a look at their AMAZING work!      

Copper Coin Race

Thank you all for the donations of Copper Coins at the end of last term to help support our funding for the mini-pitch. It has taken a lot of counting, but Mrs Plant and her ‘Plant’s Angels’ have been working around the clock (break and lunchtimes) to count every last coin. The final total is… […]

Children’s Mile!

On Friday, Year 2 completed their Children’s Mile. It was a very hot day, but the children all did extremely well, they persevered and managed to complete the whole mile! The rest of Year 2 were there to support them, by running alongside them and cheering them on. Well done Year 2, we are so […]

#MiniPitch Raffle!

On Friday, all children took home a book of raffle tickets and a letter explaining about our #MiniPitch fundraising! So far, we have raised over £3,5oo and we still need to confirm the money raised from the Copper Coin Race before Easter! Our fundraising page is Please follow the page to keep updated and […]

The Day The Crayon’s Quit!

Some of Year 2 have been reading ‘The Day the Crayon’s Quit’ and today we were hot seating some of the crayons. We thought carefully about what interesting questions we could ask them and tried to start each question with a different question word. I am so impressed with the fantastic, thoughtful questions Year 2 have […]

Move It!

Year 2’s new theme in Science is ‘move it’ where we will be looking at all things that move, and asking questions about how it can move. Yesterday we carried out a ‘flying fish’ experiment, where we made them out of different types of paper and asked lots of great questions! Why did it spin? […]

Copper Coin Collection!

Wow-thank you for your generosity in bringing in copper coins today for our race. Well done 4H on winning, but what an epic effort by all! Thank you all so much… it may take a long time to count, but it’s very much appreciated for our mini pitch fund!  

Measure potion fun!

In year 2 we have been learning all about measuring in Maths. Yesterday afternoon we had so much fun using our knowledge of measure to make potions. measure 2 measure 3 measureaths – yesterday afternoon we

King and Queen

Here are this weeks King and Queen having the crown and tiara handed over to them! Keep up the good work 🙂 Miss Norcliffe  

This weeks presentation King and Queen

Last weeks King and Queen now have their certificates and they have handed over the status to a new King and Queen. WELL DONE!

Seriously Suspicious!!!

Year 2 had an ordinary morning apart from the fact that it was 2P’s assembly. However, when we arrived back nothing could have prepared us!!! The classroom was a mess – tables overturned, pencil pots knocked over and possibly the strangest thing ever – NO CHAIRS!! We have had to spend the morning investigating this […]

Presentation King and Queen

This weeks presentation King and Queen! Well done for perfect presentation ….

Active Communications Donation

We are very pleased to share that Active Communications have donated £100 to the #MiniPitches fund! Based at 10 Unicorn Avenue, Eastern Green, we quick to support the community when we got in touch and it helps our totalizer creep towards the £1000 mark! Please visit their website for any telephone systems, computer / wireless solutions, […]

Reading Club

Reading club is now full we will send another letter inviting children again after the Easter holiday. We had fun today we started off by listening to an audio book and then we shared the book ‘I’ll take you to Mrs Cole’ See if you can find any other books by the same Author. Can you retell […]

Presentation King and Queen

As part of my work this term I am having a closer look at presentation in Year 2. I am going to be looking at the progress the children are making in their handwriting. Each week I am going to award 2 children with the status of ‘Presentation king or queen’ the two children in […]

World Book Day

Year 2 had a lovely day off timetable enjoying world book day 🙂  

Miles 4 Money & The Children’s Mile

Dear parents / guardians,   As you may know, children within school have signed up to take part in ‘The Children’s Mile’ in association with the Coventry Half Marathon. In total, 111 children have signed up for the event! (More information will be sent to you in due course if you are taking part.)   […]

All weather pitch fund raising

Yesterday, we set up or ‘neighbourly’ page for our new all weather pitch (it’s similar to a ‘just giving’ page). Please use the link below and sign up and ‘follow’ us, as well as sharing it with your family and friends, as the higher our ‘activity score’, the more attractive we are to businesses and […]

Clubs Crazy!

At Park Hill we are clubs crazy! With 15 clubs on this half term, including dance, gym, taekwondo, basketball, tennis, table tennis, football, dodgeball and netball. In total, 217 spaces were filled which is just under 88%! Well done to all of the children who have been taking part in clubs so far. If anyone […]

Enterprise Week… money, money, money!!

Year Two have been doing a lot of work on money, so we thought we would have our very own enterprise week. We set up a shop! We were in groups and were given £2 to spend. We had to design products, price up the materials, work out the change needed and then market our […]

Bread experiment in Science

In Science we are carrying out a bread experiment. Last week we got to taste 8 different types of bread and decide what we thought about them. We have then left the Sour Dough, White bread and Flat bread in a bag near the window. We are observing the bread each day to see what […]

The Children’s Mile!

On Tuesday, all children from Y1 to Y6 will have brought home a letter about a Children’s Mile on Sunday 18th March. The aim of the event is to increase participation in regular physical activity alongside promoting a healthy lifestyle. In addition to this, we are raising money for both the school sports pitch and […]

Fund Raising Bike Ride

As part of the fundraising for the new sports pitch, we are organising a bike ride from Park Hill to Wembley, as it is the FA who provide the majority of the cost. We would like to invite as many people as possible, no matter what their experience, to cycle the 110 miles on Saturday […]

Money Maths

Year 2 are going to be having a look at money over the next few weeks, comparing the values of different coins and notes, finding equal amounts using different coins, and learning how to add and subtract amounts of money. As an introduction today, we all had a pot of real money and we spent […]

Clubs for Schools Booking – Spaces Available!



Please make sure that all children have the correct PE kit or equipment for their lessons. Since returning to school after Christmas, there have been children unprepared for their lessons, which means teachers have to find alternative activities for them to take part in. It is essential that all children bring the correct kit so they […]

Dividing with smarties

Today Year 2 were investigating division. In pairs we had a tube of Smarties and some questions that we had to work out, for example “Share 12 Smarties between 3 children”. We drew our number of groups, and shared out the Smarties between them. Then we had to see if we could write down the […]

Big Box Project

On Friday, Year 2 took part in the box project! The children had to draw their design first, and then were able to choose a box (or two) and any equipment they might need to make anything they liked out of cardboard boxes! The children worked really hard and came up with some lovely designs. See […]

Playground equipment

On Friday, Year 2 were given the chance to try out some new playground equipment that was bought to go along with the fabulous new playground markings! We had hoops, skipping ropes, bean bags, dice and counters for the snakes and ladders games and some musical instruments for the dance mat. We learnt some new, […]

KS1 Christmas Party

Ks1 have had a fabulous Christmas party today! We got dressed into our party outfits and went into the hall for some dancing. The teachers taught us some party dances, like Superman, Macarena, Saturday Night! Some of us won prizes for amazing dancing. Then we played pass the parcel in our houses, and we had […]

Roundabout Day

KS1 had a lovely time on their Christmas Roundabout day. There was a different activity in each classroom, and the children worked their way round. The activities included making a Christmas card, a Christmas cracker, a tree decoration and a melted snowman cookie in a box! The children all worked hard and produced some fabulous […]

Our fantastic school SNOW DAY!

This morning some of us went out in the snow… well someone had to make footprints in the lovely soft untouched snow 🙂 “We were making snow angels ….even MR GRIFFIN! See if you can spot him in the pictures.” Charlie Brown “We had a snow ball fight and Mr Griffin, Mrs Mckinnell and Miss […]

School closed- Monday 11th December

Due to the snow, school will be closed tomorrow to ensure the safety of our children and staff. We hope the children are enjoying the weather!

What is your favourite vegetable?

This week Year Two are helping out the kitchen staff with the Christmas Dinner food order. We decided that we always need Turkey and potatoes but it might be difficult to work out what vegetables to buy. We thought we would collect data on the favourite class vegetable so we could work out the most […]

Magical Maths

y Last week in Maths we had a letter sent to us from Santa. He needed our help to work out who had stolen the reindeer bells. We had to work through 5 clues and in the end we found out the culprit was NEVIELLE!!! We wrote letters to Santa explaining who the culprit was […]

Amazing Year Two Writing!!

Take a look at some of the amazing writing in Year Two over the past week. Chloe wrote a fantastic letter to the bumble bees in science thanking them for all the hard work they do. Tilly and Ava S-N both wrote great party invitation letters to their friends in our Big Write. Well done!!

Our fantastic playground

What an exciting day we had yesterday! The children really enjoyed the new markings on the KS1 playground. We would like to say another huge THANK YOU to the PTA for supporting this, and of course to all parents at Park Hill for supporting PTA events, meaning that projects like this are possible.

Children In Need

Year 2 have had a lovely day celebrating Children In Need today. We would like to say thank you to all of the children in school, the school council and teachers who organised all the fantastic stalls.

Friendship Friday

In our jigsaw lesson on Friday, we were looking at how even though all people are different, some parts of them are the same. I read out some statements such as “all boys like football” and the children had to decide whether they agreed or disagreed with that, and why. All of the children really […]

Leafy Lions!

Last week, 2P got creative and mixed together two topics: autumn and Kenya! Some of the children went outside to collect some leaves for everyone to use.   First, we had to draw the face of the lion. When we were happy with it, we could then paint it. The children had fun mixing colours […]

Read Write Inc. Parents meeting

This evening, Miss Norcliffe has explained and described RWI lessons and how children learn Phonics at Park Hill. It was great to see so many parents attend, supported by many of the KS1 and Earky Years teachers. We hope you have a clear understanding of our phonics teaching, and have some useful tips as to […]

Parking – Sign the petition!

The Governors and I are always trying to look for ways to make our school as safe as possible for children and families. Road Safety is high on the agenda. We have been liaising with Local Councilors to raise aware of road safety outside of school. Ward Cllrs we have also been approached by parents […]

Our ‘Tinga Tinga’ Art

“We sketched Safari animals and we painted them” Khloe “Some of us mixed colours up, so red and white made pink” Osheay “We used a paper plate to mix our colours on” Charlie B “We copied the drawings that we did in Art last week” Charlotte “We had to swap paintbrushes for the background and […]

SPENCER – Half term Champions!

Tomorrow morning, Spencer will be celebrating their first victory of the year (and the first of many!), when they watch the Lego Batman Movie!  

Pumpkin competition winners

thank you for all of your entries… here are the winners!      

KS1 Fireworks

On Wednesday, the children in KS1 had a fantastic afternoon taking part in our firework party. We had hot dogs…with ketchup!! Watched lots of fantastic fireworks and then came back inside for chocolate and strawberry milkshake 🙂 It was a great afternoon; it has created lots of fantastic conversation and I am sure will be […]

Halloween fun

thank you to all of the children who entered the PTA pumpkin competition. Mrs Timms was extremely happy to see so many entries (and it even scared some of us every time we walked past!). The winners will be revealed in Friday’s star of the week assembly.

Special Visitors

Year two have been very lucky to have two special visitors come in to talk to us about their experiences of Kenya this week! Gracie’s nan came in on Monday and talked to us about the animals on safari and told us lots of interesting information. She told us that the leader of a group […]

West Midlands Safari Park!

Year 2 had a fantastic time at West Midlands Safari Park yesterday.  The coach trip there took a long time but we passed the time by playing I-spy! When we got there, we had some time to walk around the main park. We saw lots of animals including penguins, meerkats and lemurs. In the African […]


With October being International Dyslexia Awareness Month and having just passed the British Dyslexia Associations Dyslexia Awareness week now felt like the right time to start our series of blog posts outlining information about the various different types of needs some of our children might commonly experience in schools. In the UK, on average, 1 […]

Year 2’s fabulous postcards

Last week, Year 2 wrote some fantastic postcards from Sunny the meerkat, describing his extraordinary adventures in Coventry City. We used the pictures that Sunny took as inspiration, and have come up with some wonderfully exciting ideas.

Super Science

Year 2 have concluded their investigation this week; we have found out what our plants have been able to survive without for the past two weeks. Take a look at the plants now! Charlotte has produced a fantastic piece of writing including a diagram and a conclusion. I am really proud of how hard Charlotte […]

Amazing Art with Mrs Tatham

WOW! I am so impressed Year 2! Over the past 3 weeks 6 children from Year 2 have been taking part in a small art class with Mrs Tatham. Today I had the pleasure of seeing their final master piece, and what master pieces they are. I think these African Masks really are truly amazing […]

African Art

This week 2N had a go at making some African necklaces. We really enjoyed designed the patterns first and then using paint and fine brushes to turn a paper plate into a bright and colourful necklace.

Science Investigation

Year Two have set up an interesting investigation in science this week. We have three herb plants and we are trying to find out if they can survive without either light or water. Plant 1 is going to have air, water and light. Plant 2 will have light and water. Plant 3 will have water […]

When Sunny came to Coventry

Year 2 have had a very special visitor this week; Sunny from Meerkat Mail has come to visit us! We know that Sunny likes to go on adventures and so we talked to him about all of the places he could explore in Coventry. Here is what he got up to.     As you […]

Our Kenyan Necklaces

In our art lessons so far this term, year 2 have been looking at some Kenyan necklaces. We researched the different colours they use and what they mean. We found out that red means bravery, green means health, blue means energy, yellow/orange means kindness, black means ‘the people’ and white means purity. We worked hard […]

Mr T!!

Meet Mr T. Mr T loves the number ten!! He loves it so much he has called himself Mr T after the number ‘T’en! The only problem is Mr T will not say the number 10, instead he calls it a ‘T’ (after himself of course) This means when he counts it can start to […]

Rocksteady assembly

    Today, we’ve had Tommy from Rocksteady telling us all about his musical instruments and how they work. We’ve had some great fun! 

Meerkat Mail 

This week we are looking at the book Meerkat Mail. Today we worked as a team to write sentences about Sunny the main character. Eventually we are going to write our own postcard from our own Meerkat.

Jigsaw Jo helped us get rid of our worries!

Today in Year Two we met Jigsaw Jo. We talked about how sometimes we have worries. We shared ideas on how to get rid of worries we may have and who can help us.  We all had a worrie monster to write our worries on. We then had a balloon that represented our worry. We […]

School Council reps 

This afternoon Year Two have voted for School Council Reps. Well done to all the children who put themselves forward! 

Looking smart!

All ready for PE looking amazing in our kits! I am looking forward to wearing mine next week.

Super Maths in Year 2

We have enjoyed using the interactive board in Maths. This week we are exploring how to represent numbers in different ways.

Kenya launch day – Year 2

We have had a fantastic day launching our exciting topic Kenya! The costumes looked amazing and very colourful. We have generated a list of questions throughout the morning.

Reading – the key to success?

I remember some of my earliest experiences of books, sitting on the floor of my school library surrounded by choices and not knowing where to start! The anticipation of choosing a new book and using that ‘5 finger rule‘ to check that I would be able to read it fluently enough that I could enjoy it. […]

Year 2 Kenya Topic

I was totally impressed to see 2N settling down to some fantastic art work earlier this afternoon. Miss Norcliffe was helping the children to understand silhouette as well as encouraging them to mix paint to create an effect. I am looking forward to seeing the children’s finished masterpieces! Well done 2N.

Our Summer Holidays

I went to Cornwall and Wales, the weather was not great but I still had fun on the beach and exploring the rock pools! I went on lots of days out to the farm, park and swimming. I enjoyed spending time with my family and meeting up with friends. Miss Norcliffe 🙂 I went to […]

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