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Hello Alligators

We’re just chilling out here! We have just been to the best kids choir of all.We travelled by coach and we just went to old Birmingham Genting Arena folks. When we arrived, we strolled towards a peculiar looking building. We climbed up an infinite stair case which seemed to go on for ever! Then we found an arena full of fascinated children; some small, some tall, some slim and some broad. Most of the smiling children were wearing Young Voices t- shirts and singing their hearts out; it was the time to use the full force of their voices.

See you later folks, if you want more information follow the link below:

See you later Alligators!

Buddy Stars DJ (Ore Olushola)

Hi Guys

It’s been a superb night at the Genting Arena, the atmosphere has been great as the thousands of children sang their hearts out. Parents and children have to be sooo proud because I am so worn out just talking about it, this is why they call it the biggest and greatest school choir ever! Everyone in this arena has been dancing especially Urban Strides, their dance moves were phenomenal but parents did a superb job of keeping up (surprisingly!) The children have been amazing, they have been singing for over five hours so I don’t know how they cracked this amazing show. The lights shone down on all of them as they sang their hearts out. I am very surprised that the roof didn’t fall off the way the children sang!

Bye Guys -Johnny (radio presenter)

Corelli Gregory

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